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Thursday, May 12, 2011

dorama - scandal

official website:

drama title:

main cast:
Toda Naho as Shirashi Risako
and her 4 friends:
Suzuki Kyoka as Takayanagi Takako
Hasegawa Kyoko as Kawai Hitomi
Momoi Kaori as Shindo Tamaki
Fukiishi Kazue as Mayuko Samejima

4 housewives, who do not know each other, attend the wedding of a mutual friend, Risako. Risako disappears on the wedding night, and the police are called in, since she is the wife of a famous pianist.

this is a scandal, and the wives are dissuaded from being associated with the police investigation by their husbands. however, they had made a pact of some sort with Risako, so they continued to participate in the search.

as the search progresses, hidden stuff becomes unhidden, and the women discover things about each other and their husbands.

my score: 8 out of 10.
how i derived that score. at first, it can seem like its pretty boring, with the endless chatting about trival things amongst the 4 ladies. but as the drama unfolds, it turns out to be a good experience for soul searching (not just searching for a missing person)

why you should watch it:
5 MILFs and you need another reason? actually, watch it for the soul searching that each women had to face up to, in their search for their missing friend.

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