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Thursday, September 13, 2012

kdrama - Super Rookie

official website:

drama title:
신입사원 / Super Rookie

main cast:
Eric Mun as Kang Ho
Han Ga In as Lee Mi-ok
Oh Ji Ho as Park Bong-sam
Lee So Yeon as Suh Hyun-ah

jobless guy applies for position with a top company, and against all odds, makes it past the candidate selection process (computer error played a key part, as does other things like office politics). he then sets out to do his best as a rookie employee, even as the company staff in the know about the error tries to get rid of him. finally, even he finds out he was selected by fluke, but sticks on cos he wanted to support his family.

my score: 6 out of 10.
it was a pretty hard drama to watch, with the number of impossible situations against him and how he manages to get out of them. then again, who gets a 100/100 score in the job selection exam? the only way is to suspend your logic and just watch the drama.

why you should watch it:
you shouldn't even though it's Eric and it's his charisma that holds the whole drama together. Well, you might wanna watch it for Han Ga In. Lee So Yeon is excellent eye candy as well.

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