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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

kdrama - he's beautiful (rewatching 2nd time: ep 16)

Park's outfits in episode 16
impressions of episode 16
last episode. sigh. the end
gonna so miss this drama!
Tae Kyung wonders why Mi Nam evaded him:
1) Mi Nam decides to be a nun. No, she stopped that
2) Mi Nam decides to be wife of pharmacist. No, the guy is still serving NS!
3) Mi Nam the rabid fan. No, as a fan she'd ask for his autograph

In conclusion, he has been dumped!

more recycling.
Mi Nam is Mi Nam again! and finds out that Mi Nam is interested in He Yi! so the president has arranged a meeting with He Yi for Mi Nam.

just the 2 of us
Mi Nam continues to pretend to be a guy:
1) corniest joke. she tries to get out of the car without releasing the seat belt and thinks Tae Kyung is holding her back.
2) then she had to rush to use the bathroom!
3) then she was thirsty
so she cant tell him cos she missed the 'right time to confess'

Tae Kyung uses the 5 finger test to let her know he knows.

Mi Nam tell him she has to leave cos its too hard on her to be close to him (and yet not be able to have him). Tae Kyung decides not to force her to stay by his side, missing the whole point.

pig rabbit was an innocent victim of the breakup, consigned to the toy room again, wearing her necklace.
Mi Nam met up with Tae Kyung mom before leaving for Africa. They resolve their differences, and Tae Kyung mom learns that she has to ask for forgiveness from Tae Kyung herself.

Tae Kyung gets serial bashing from the rest.
Jeremy: you didnt tell her you missed her!
He Yi: liar! you're so not over her. go on, stay cool and never confess your feelings
Shin Woo: you pushed her away. you can only say you let go if you had done your best to hold on to her in the first place!
Mom: i hope you dont lose someone you love and then regret it.

the end part 1
Tae Kyung sings her song for her, then she prepares to leave for the airport, having seen him.

the concert hall is dark and he cant see. so he ask her to walk into the light

Shin Woo helps out by asking for the lights to be turned on the audience instead.

now he can see her, and he walks up to her and hugs her, saying "listen up, im gonna say this to you everyday. i love you"
the end part 2
Tae Kyung catches a star for her.

scenes between Mi Nam and the 2nd lead, Shin Woo. so here are the ones from episodes 13 to 16
actually, there are no scenes in ep 16.

kdrama - he's beautiful (rewatching 2nd time: ep 15)

Park's outfits in episode 15

impressions of episode 15
the reporter and He Yi
damn funny scene. she fakes a fainting, but can still nod her head when the reporter relents on dragging her down with ANJELL

as for ANJELL, they have to buy time away from the reporter, who requested to meet both twins at the same time, so they are going to Japan! and the day they return is when the real Mi Nam is back too!

in the hotel, Mi Nam gets the star treatment!
Mi Nam fantasy scenes
Manager Ma too free, so he dreams of hooking Mi Nam up with the boys:
final assault on Mi Nam castle!
Shin Woo knew Mi Nam is still saying no to him, so he changes tack and asks if she knew when he knew she was not a boy. when they first met at the intro party. the story of the clueless girl is about her. helping her, he fell in love. and the girl he wanted to introduce as his gf, is her.

so now its his turn to tell her not to go some place where he cannot see her.

but she asks him to let her go, and now Shin Woo has lost everything.

fab aquarium, pity about the squabbling couple
Tae Kyung is jealous about Shin Woo
Mi Nam just wants to get lost cos Tae Kyung dont like her around
still, he hands her info about her mom which he got from his mom
at least, Mi Nam got chance to tell Tae Kyung off for being a selfish brat and never consider her feelings while she has always considered his.
Tae Kyung isnt stupid, just selfish. so this affects him a lot.

Japan fan signing event
Mi Nam says bye bye to the boys of the band
Jeremy - fragile as glass? lol
Shin Woo - soft as cake, warm as coffee? pretty much correct there.
the real Mi Nam appears!
pig rabbit returns
pig rabbit posted on their website. she's ok! and with a ktv video (see what i mean with re-use concept?)

you know how the boys try and spot Mi Nam? just look for the girl who isnt screaming and following them around!

kdrama - he's beautiful (rewatching 2nd time: ep 14)

Park's outfits in episode 14
impressions of episode 14
continuation from ep 13 after the hug, he said: i like you

Mi Nam goes into cloud 9 while Shin Woo fly home, alone.

Mi Nam goes wild imagining:
1) can she also give permission to Tae Kyung to like her too?
Tae Kyung: forget it, just turn me down!
2) ask Tae Kyung to repeat what he said to her?
Tae Kyung: forget i said anything!
3) finally she decides she would just have to be satisfied that she has heard it

"i like" scene
Tae Kyung: Mi Nam, do you like spaghetti?
she hiccups at hearing the "like" word.
Tae Kyung catches on and teases her.

fan fiction scene
love triangle, sans women...
Tae Kyung <3 Shin Woo <3 Jeremy <3 Tae Kyung

the truth is out!
Manager Ma finally gets who Mi Nam likes! Mi Nam finally realises Tae Kyung knows about the piggy nose significance! and Jeremy finds out Mi Nam likes Tae Kyung too!

which leads to the inevitable magic bus, scene 2

Jeremy, alias, the Last to Know.

i like that Mi Nam didnt try to make Jeremy go on the radio show, but just sit on the bus with him.

Jeremy sings this really cool song acapella, crying his heart out, for the radio audience, and for Mi Nam.

the 2nd date
Tae Kyung completes the redo of the oldies song that night. then calls a sleepy voice pig rabbit to drag her out, cos he need her eyes in the dark of the cinema. lol. the excuses he uses for a date!

when it was over, Mi Nam found stars for Tae Kyung to see cos he cant see those in the sky, and says she will continue to do so even after she leaves the group.

Tae Kyung kisses her: dont be a pig rabbit anymore

back from Busan and nice with a vengence
Shin Woo is back and says in the past, he did stuff for her without her knowing. now, he is going to do stuff for her and make sure she knows it.


Manager Ma announces the end of the drama is near
i mean, Mi Nam the boy will be back on the day b4 the showcase.

again, they are showing something that will be re-used later on. the excuse, is to celebrate the return of the real Mi Nam.

fan meeting 2
Tae Kyung makes another date (he calls it fan meeting) with Mi Nam for star gazing tonight. he bought a telescope (and a star necklace).

the night of family revelations
Mi Nam goes to see Tae Kyung's mom, so she calls Tae Kyung to join in too. Tae Kyung is now mad at Mi Nam for being the daughter of the man his mom loved, and for keeping it a secret from him for a while now.

reporter has came up with the correct theory finally. and insist on interviewing both twins AT THE SAME TIME!

Monday, October 3, 2011

kdrama - he's beautiful (rewatching 2nd time: ep 13)

Park's outfits in episode 13
impressions of episode 13
noob love
this can only happen cos of convent girl and clueless boy: he is happy to give her permission to like him, and she is happy to be his fan.

the girl is mine
cos the reporter turned up with the greenhouse photo, Mi Nam has to now play dual roles of the twins. Go Mi Nyu is her real name anyway :)

once again, hairpin = girl. Tae Kyung gives her the hairpin he picked up from her bag

Shin Woo concoots their "love story" out of the truth of past events. but instead of calling him "hyung" she has to practise calling him "oppa"

the question: first kiss. when? today.

pig rabbit joins the (fan) club
Tae Kyung ponders over fan loyalty and warns pig rabbit not to be fickle.

then he finds out Mi Nam just joined the fan club! after all, the nickname she uses is pig rabbit. duh!

Tae Kyung tests her out with a series of questions.
1) how much does she know about Tae Kyung? 7 (Tae Kyung was hoping 9)
2) how is Tae Kyung? 5 (Tae Kyung wants to smack his fan!)
3) 4
4) 7 (Tae Kyung now thinks 7 is a high score)
5) 2
so far, he is doing average of 5. lol
6) how much do you like Tae Kyung? 100!

she is rewarded with fan-meeting!

jang guen suk sings "fly me to the moon" in english! and park shin hye accompanies him!

home cooking
He Yi complain she never had a meal with Tae Kyung before, so she decided to change things.

list of criminal charges:
salt - Shin Woo
sugar - Jeremy
vinegar - Tae Kyung

then Mi Nam turns up and He Yi was saved. Jeremy became the scapegoat. After that, the boys made proper fried rice for everyone.

during the meal, He Yi noticed Shin Woo's attention over Mi Nam and followed him out to his car and saw his presents for Mi Nam. when the opportunity came, she forced Mi Nam to wear the shoes and carry the flowers in.
Shin Woo saw and stunned speechless. He Yi wants Shin Woo to say who he bought the presents for, but he couldnt. He could only ask Mi Nam to throw the presents away.
This was the last straw for Tae Kyung so he called it quits with He Yi. cos if He Yi exposes it, she wont be able to clear her part in it either.

dummies r us
Shin Woo was the sad one, but he ends up comforting Mi Nam!

Busan trip for 2
Tae Kyung has to redo the song and hates it, so he wants Mi Nam to keep him company. but Mi Nam needs to go Busan with Shin Woo today, to meet his parents! Manager Ma, Miss Wang and Jeremy are going too. They will only be back the following day, cos they are going to eat sea eel, and sightsee. Tae Kyung tries to bribe Mi Nam with sea eel in Seoul.

Manager Ma and Jeremy had another appointment, so it ended up just the 2 of them going to Busan. Another 'idea' from the manager.

Shin Woo has to go first, then Mi Nam change into girls clothes and join him.

Shin Woo asks if Mi Nam wants to convert their false relationship to real, since the ones they love cant love them back. Mi Nam has no response.

Shin Woo has started to like Mi Nam. If she can start to like him back, to join him on the plane.

Tae Kyung, in the meanwhile, has gone to the airport to catch his fan, but cannot find her. he is about to drive to Busan when they meet in the carpark.

he hugs her. and gives her a score of 100. i guess that is another step improvement from the man.

kdrama - he's beautiful (rewatching 2nd time: ep 12)

Park's outfits in episode 12
impressions of episode 12

after the kiss
after the kiss, Mi Nam breaks the mood by pressing her piggy nose, which makes Tae Kyung pissed off.

Tae Kyung takes off in shock, while Mi Nam is now in a daze, her star having exploded into a thousand pieces.

Mi Nam imagination goes wild:
Why did Tae Kyung kiss her?
Anger? No
Lust? No
Love? Lol, no.

He Yi goads Tae Kyung into saying "i dont think of Mi Nam as a girl" when she catches sight of Mi Nam in the background.

Tae Kyung is still pissed with piggy nose after the kiss = didnt affect Mi Nam

hurt by Tae Kyung's comments coming right after the kiss, Mi Nam goes to a dark corner to cry her heart out, leaving Shin Woo to pick up the pieces as usual.

but Shin Woo is angry with her, too tired to put her first anymore. he turns on the lights and then finds out Mi Nam has been crying and his anger melts away..

Shin Woo was gonna touch his gf's heart with flowers, gift and song.
Mi Nam is sure they would do the trick.
Shin Woo says the flowers and gift are long gone, but he can still sing to her.

Tae Kyung finally gets off his butt and goes looking for Mi Nam, but spots her and Shin Woo together.

dinner with parent
Tae Kyung learnt the guy his mom loves was long dead, otherwise, he would have been big bro to twins. so he said he'd do the song to congratulate her when she has found the twins.

owned by phone
she tried to say she is unaffected by the kiss, so as to not put him under pressure, but sent wrongly typed msg instead!
so she had to sneak into his room and retrieve his phone to delete the msg. but it is password protected!

she got a bruise on her forehead in the process. so he gave her some ointment to put on, as they have photoshoot the next day. clumsy girl ended up rubbing some into her eyes and he had to wash it out, then lead her by the hand to her room.
photoshoot - princess in suit vs girl princess
princess in suit gets surrounded by the guys, while girl princess is alone.
He Yi consoles herself that this is only for a while longer, then Mi Nam will be shut up in a convent again!

He Yi is now queen of threats. if you dont you're dead.

pretty woman
yeah right, rain on a sunny day. but whatever it takes to make the scene, man

rainy day fairytale, spoilt by evil queen bitch

Shin Woo reveals he knows about Mi Nam and Tae Kyung, cos he dont want her to cry anymore. Mi Nam thought she had covered her tracks well, but Shin Woo has been looking at her from the start, so it didnt work on him. He asked if she wants Tae Kyung to know, but she said no (cos Tae Kyung said Mi Nam meant nothing to him).

Tae Kyung lost! he got mad with Mi Nam
Manager Ma tries out piggy nose when he saw a shot of Mi Nam doing it. Tae Kyung finally knows the meaning of the piggy nose from the creator of the acupuncture point.
Tae Kyung maps pic of pax to nose and finds it points to himself. Ma interprets it as Tae Kyung gives Mi Nam a lot of pressure, and says he could have bought her a better hairpin.

Tae Kyung checks her bag and finds the hairpin he had dropped at the auditorium.

in the meanwhile, Mi Nam went to see her mother superior for comfort, who is happy for her cos she found love.

Tae Kyung comes to pick her up from the convent. however, he is still evolving. he can only allow her to like him.

scenes between Mi Nam and the 2nd lead, Shin Woo. so here are the ones from episodes 10 to 12

Sunday, October 2, 2011

kdrama - he's beautiful (rewatching 2nd time: ep 11)

Park's outfits in episode 11

impressions of episode 11

now they know she is a girl
After Shin Woo's revelation, he takes them both to safety.

Jeremy is in a state of shock. still he is in better shape than the poor hairpin, which is now broken.

Tae Kyung finds out He Yi is the cause of the problem, but he has more urgent matters to attend to now.

Shin Woo pretends to be shocked. He says he's not going to be nice to her anymore - it's a new beginning for the 2 of them.

Tae Kyung takes responsibilty and asks the guys to decide if they are in or out. Shin Woo says he's already in it (after all, he said she is his gf in public). so it's just left with Jeremy. Turns out he is the happiest! that she is a girl and he is not turning gay! and wants to hug her and has to be restrained from molest charges!

turns out the most stunned is Mi Nam cos she didnt expect the boys to be so nice to her after the longest lie.

Tae Kyung ropes in Manager Ma and Miss Wang to help cos Mi Nam and Jeremy are useless.

Yippee! they are now all on Mi Nam's team!

Tae Kyung knows there is one person who has to be silenced. He Yi appears, wants to pretend but Tae Kyung exposes her. She then turns nasty. Now the whole group has to be nice to her!

i just love the way He Yi switches between angel and devil.

Jeremy and Shin Woo finally realise that Tae Kyung has been covering up for Mi Nam all this while

Jeremy's Party time!
but first, grocery shopping, in disguise! Tae Kyung went as the policeman but he is super annoyed Mi Nam is being monopolised by the other 2 guys, so he makes the best snide comments:
Mi Nam to Shin Woo: i cant pick apples by smelling them
Tae Kyung: Why not, you have a piggy nose
Mi Nam to Jeremy: i will make fresh juice every morning (holding carrots)
Tae Kyung: i will see a rabbit making carrot juice every morning

Jeremy is so happy he wants to hug Mi Nam again. Tae Kyung zips him up!

awesome fun! re-enacting ads they did for food products!

Mi Nam has to glue pin by herself, and being the usual clumsy girl, gets herself stuck. just then, Tae Kyung returns to help her. she says it's a precious cup to avoid revealing its the pin.

girls just wanna have fun
bored with practice, they go out for some sports fun. Mi Nam needed to get away from being too close to her love.

Tae Kyung is jealous (but he dont recognise it) when she prefers to spend time with the other guys, and turns vindictive. At badminton, he smashed every shot at Mi Nam without mercy, and says she sucks. only when Tae Kyung stands back, can Shin Woo play it nice and easy with Mi Nam.

Mi Nam proves that she is good at something. hanging on the pole.

now it became a challenge to make her let go. Tae Kyung's direct order  failed. Jeremy fails too. Shin Woo's turn. he kissed her (halo, only forehead ok?) but she was shocked and released. To Shin Woo, this is just the beginning. Tae Kyung, on the other hand, almost had a heart attack! lol

2nd lead is 2nd
Shin Woo goes in another of his elaborate plans. hasnt he learnt his lesson by now? NO!

Mi Nam prepares to go meet Shin Woo and his 'gf'. Manager Ma, FOR GOD'S SAKE, DON'T STOP HER!

oh well, he didnt. he got Tae Kyung to do it instead

end up having a fight and then he grabs her and give her a long long kiss?