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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

kdrama - he's beautiful (rewatching 2nd time: ep 16)

Park's outfits in episode 16
impressions of episode 16
last episode. sigh. the end
gonna so miss this drama!
Tae Kyung wonders why Mi Nam evaded him:
1) Mi Nam decides to be a nun. No, she stopped that
2) Mi Nam decides to be wife of pharmacist. No, the guy is still serving NS!
3) Mi Nam the rabid fan. No, as a fan she'd ask for his autograph

In conclusion, he has been dumped!

more recycling.
Mi Nam is Mi Nam again! and finds out that Mi Nam is interested in He Yi! so the president has arranged a meeting with He Yi for Mi Nam.

just the 2 of us
Mi Nam continues to pretend to be a guy:
1) corniest joke. she tries to get out of the car without releasing the seat belt and thinks Tae Kyung is holding her back.
2) then she had to rush to use the bathroom!
3) then she was thirsty
so she cant tell him cos she missed the 'right time to confess'

Tae Kyung uses the 5 finger test to let her know he knows.

Mi Nam tell him she has to leave cos its too hard on her to be close to him (and yet not be able to have him). Tae Kyung decides not to force her to stay by his side, missing the whole point.

pig rabbit was an innocent victim of the breakup, consigned to the toy room again, wearing her necklace.
Mi Nam met up with Tae Kyung mom before leaving for Africa. They resolve their differences, and Tae Kyung mom learns that she has to ask for forgiveness from Tae Kyung herself.

Tae Kyung gets serial bashing from the rest.
Jeremy: you didnt tell her you missed her!
He Yi: liar! you're so not over her. go on, stay cool and never confess your feelings
Shin Woo: you pushed her away. you can only say you let go if you had done your best to hold on to her in the first place!
Mom: i hope you dont lose someone you love and then regret it.

the end part 1
Tae Kyung sings her song for her, then she prepares to leave for the airport, having seen him.

the concert hall is dark and he cant see. so he ask her to walk into the light

Shin Woo helps out by asking for the lights to be turned on the audience instead.

now he can see her, and he walks up to her and hugs her, saying "listen up, im gonna say this to you everyday. i love you"
the end part 2
Tae Kyung catches a star for her.

scenes between Mi Nam and the 2nd lead, Shin Woo. so here are the ones from episodes 13 to 16
actually, there are no scenes in ep 16.

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