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Monday, October 3, 2011

kdrama - he's beautiful (rewatching 2nd time: ep 12)

Park's outfits in episode 12
impressions of episode 12

after the kiss
after the kiss, Mi Nam breaks the mood by pressing her piggy nose, which makes Tae Kyung pissed off.

Tae Kyung takes off in shock, while Mi Nam is now in a daze, her star having exploded into a thousand pieces.

Mi Nam imagination goes wild:
Why did Tae Kyung kiss her?
Anger? No
Lust? No
Love? Lol, no.

He Yi goads Tae Kyung into saying "i dont think of Mi Nam as a girl" when she catches sight of Mi Nam in the background.

Tae Kyung is still pissed with piggy nose after the kiss = didnt affect Mi Nam

hurt by Tae Kyung's comments coming right after the kiss, Mi Nam goes to a dark corner to cry her heart out, leaving Shin Woo to pick up the pieces as usual.

but Shin Woo is angry with her, too tired to put her first anymore. he turns on the lights and then finds out Mi Nam has been crying and his anger melts away..

Shin Woo was gonna touch his gf's heart with flowers, gift and song.
Mi Nam is sure they would do the trick.
Shin Woo says the flowers and gift are long gone, but he can still sing to her.

Tae Kyung finally gets off his butt and goes looking for Mi Nam, but spots her and Shin Woo together.

dinner with parent
Tae Kyung learnt the guy his mom loves was long dead, otherwise, he would have been big bro to twins. so he said he'd do the song to congratulate her when she has found the twins.

owned by phone
she tried to say she is unaffected by the kiss, so as to not put him under pressure, but sent wrongly typed msg instead!
so she had to sneak into his room and retrieve his phone to delete the msg. but it is password protected!

she got a bruise on her forehead in the process. so he gave her some ointment to put on, as they have photoshoot the next day. clumsy girl ended up rubbing some into her eyes and he had to wash it out, then lead her by the hand to her room.
photoshoot - princess in suit vs girl princess
princess in suit gets surrounded by the guys, while girl princess is alone.
He Yi consoles herself that this is only for a while longer, then Mi Nam will be shut up in a convent again!

He Yi is now queen of threats. if you dont you're dead.

pretty woman
yeah right, rain on a sunny day. but whatever it takes to make the scene, man

rainy day fairytale, spoilt by evil queen bitch

Shin Woo reveals he knows about Mi Nam and Tae Kyung, cos he dont want her to cry anymore. Mi Nam thought she had covered her tracks well, but Shin Woo has been looking at her from the start, so it didnt work on him. He asked if she wants Tae Kyung to know, but she said no (cos Tae Kyung said Mi Nam meant nothing to him).

Tae Kyung lost! he got mad with Mi Nam
Manager Ma tries out piggy nose when he saw a shot of Mi Nam doing it. Tae Kyung finally knows the meaning of the piggy nose from the creator of the acupuncture point.
Tae Kyung maps pic of pax to nose and finds it points to himself. Ma interprets it as Tae Kyung gives Mi Nam a lot of pressure, and says he could have bought her a better hairpin.

Tae Kyung checks her bag and finds the hairpin he had dropped at the auditorium.

in the meanwhile, Mi Nam went to see her mother superior for comfort, who is happy for her cos she found love.

Tae Kyung comes to pick her up from the convent. however, he is still evolving. he can only allow her to like him.

scenes between Mi Nam and the 2nd lead, Shin Woo. so here are the ones from episodes 10 to 12

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