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Monday, January 31, 2011

kdrama - he's beautiful (rewatching 2nd time: ep 5)

Park's outfits in episode 5

impressions of episode 5
  • oldies but goodies. the radish gnawing act was the ultimate in funny. cos you have to expose your 2 front teeth like a good rat/bunny, then start shaving the veggie.
  • the practice session with the guys all watching a pretty gal's legs on tv is a good lead into Shin Woo catching onto something Mi Nam likes, which then gives him the excuse to shop and make a present for her. unfortunately, he should have known by now that elaborate dates FAIL. he should just grab her hands (as he did earlier in the episode) and confess his love then and there, instead of just putting plates in them. then it would become like Goong (the other kdrama i watched recently) - Guy 2 likes Girl who likes Guy 1.
  • merry-go-around the giant ice cream cone. i counted 4 times. ;)
  • Mi Nam's aunt and Tae Kyung's mom, they all play significant roles in turning the plot around, but they dont detract from the main actors cos they are nicely sidelined once they have done their job in moving the plot ahead. Here, the aunt was the turning point for Mi Nam's supposed exit from the group.
  • once again, we have a 3-choose-1 situation. Jeremy already had strange feelings for Mi Nam, so he couldn't have him in his room. Shin Woo wants to volunteer his room, but he figures Mi Nam will be more comfortable with Tae Kyung (since he knows Tae Kyung knows Mi Nam is a girl) so he gives up his chance. Tae Kyung is just plain selfish and dont want to share his room. Even after Mi Nam chose Tae Kyung's room, it was still no no. until the hilarious situation of President Ahn deciding to take Mi Nam home to 'exercise and sauna' with. Then Tae Kyung is left with no choice but to take Mi Nam in, to 'exercise and sauna' with. ROFL.
  • the most brilliant ending of an intermediate episode: it's not just the zapper, but how she came to zap herself with it. it's DA BOMB

Sunday, January 30, 2011

the weekend of discontent

this is what happens when you have just watched 2 good dramas in a row. nothing else seems to be able to attract my attention. do i decided to do the necessary. ie. watch the stuff i had begun and then faded off.

starting with dorama unubore deka. i had stopped after 2 chapters. cos it was always the same formula: detective hits off with girl, who happens to be involved in a crime. after some time, in which he tries to prove their innocence but fail, he offers them a marriage or jail option. the girls always prefer jail time to him.

goong ending was a letdown. i am sure it confused ppl to no end. i think i should be a specialist scriptwriter for endings. i can think of way better endings:
  1. the prince abdicates for good and lives happily ever after with her as an average Joe. after all, his sister is already governing after their dad retired for his health. she can go on to be Queen.
  2. prince and her have a big fight over her independence and they call it off. then after a few years of wandering in various countries (after all, she is learning korean culture), she accidentally bumps into Yul and they hit it off.
  3. the prince is ready to take over the position of king. he recalls her back to his side. they have a public reunion, followed by his coronation.
well, the weekend ended well. my sis watched episode 2 of he's beautiful on sunday night, and then she was hooked and didnt stop until episode 4 was done.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

slowing down on my drama pursuits

too lazy to do screencaps and rewatch He's Beautiful for the 3rd time. instead, been trying to finish up Princess Hours while still playing wow and doing things IRL

PH is fun, until the last few episodes when things get bogged down with the evil Queen Mother trying all sorts of tricks to get her son to replace the Crown Prince. so it's like one major blowout after another - first with Crown Princess being out with an unknown young man (Yul), then the Crown Princess blurts out the taboo word - "Divorce" on national television, then the fire started in the evil Queen Mother's quarters which is attributed to the Crown Prince as the prime suspect. the only redeeming feature is now Crown Princess really knows the Crown Prince loves her and they kiss and hug properly for the first time ever.... and an outing into the real world in disguise. and no, i havent got to the end of the drama yet. almost there.

pig-rabbit looks so cute with her sparkly hairpin. i adore her to bits. she owns my bed.

Monday, January 24, 2011

kdrama - he's beautiful (rewatching 2nd time: ep 4)

Park's outfits in episode 4


impressions of episode 4
when Jeremy was very keen on He Yi on the internet (they were showing her charity work at the hospital) and asked Tae Kyung what kind of girl he likes (but he wasnt listening cos he was watching the disgustingly gross Mi Nam eating icecream) and he answered indirectly "Go Mi Nam". actually, he was addressing Mi Nam, not replying to Jeremy, but it was still very funny.

kdrama - he's beautiful (pig-rabbit complete)

ok. i got her a hairpin (not the same one, but something close)


my pig-rabbit is now complete.

somewhere over the weekend, i watched drama

this weekend was crazy. i watched tons of episodes of Princess Hours, up to episode 17. soon it will be all over. but i didnt manage to complete it, cos on sunday night, i was re-watching various bits of He's Beautiful with my sis. apparently, it had been showing in SG some time back, and she had caught snippets of it. so when i showed her my hairpin-less pig-rabbit, she didnt know where it came from.

so i jumped to Episode 9, and showed her how the pig-rabbit operation was performed. she was equally thrilled by that episode. then i referred to the hairpin on the pig-rabbit, and that led to Episode 6 where Tae Kyung bought the hairpin for her in Myeong Dong. so after that, she was confused about why Mi Nam was a girl in guy disguise, so i restarted from Episode 1 and we watched that in full. hence i didnt have time to finish up Princess Hours.

today, i bought a hairpin for my plushie. and no, its not 3000 won nor 100,000 won. but somewhere in between

Thursday, January 20, 2011

kdrama - he's beautiful (rewatching 2nd time: 2nd lead)

i always liked the scenes between Mi Nam and the 2nd lead, Shin Woo. so here are the ones from episodes 1 to 3. Too bad these are all NATO. no action, talk only.

kdrama - he's beautiful (rewatching 2nd time: ep 3)

Park's outfits in episode 3

impressions of episode 3
  • Tae Kyung's self-delusion. He prefers to live like his photoshopped image.
  • Manager Ma's imagination working overtime. Mi Nam's Temptation - a kdrama in which the same woman managed to become another person by the addition of a face mole.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

kdrama - princess hours

official website:

drama title:
궁 (宮) / Goong
oso known as Princess Hours, or Palace, or Imperial Household, etc.

main cast:
Yoon Eun Hye as Shin Chae Kyung
Joo Ji Hoon as Lee Shin
Kim Jeong Hoon as Lee Yul
Song Ji Hyo as Min Hyo Rin

what if drama. what if south korea has constitutional royalty, like England? then this drama is about a commoner marrying into the royal family.

my score: 8 out of 10.
how i derived that score. i have always wanted to watch this drama, after catching some parts on Singapore TV. it was a brilliant concept (a comic book adaptation) brought vividly to life by excellent scripting. i even bought a copy of the DVD set some time back, but i gave it away to someone else. finally, i bought another copy and started watching it. as expected, the first few episodes didnt disappoint. and that is my current status of watching it.

why you should watch it:
  • it's a funny drama, not too much sob stuff. in fact, none so far.
  • there is eye candy, and there is a 2nd lead
  • and there is the forever optimist Yoon Eun Hye. btw, she BITES! at the end of that episode, there is a cute replay using teddy bears (who were not injured in any way in the making of the drama)
  • there are lots of teddy bears on show (mostly from the Teddy Bear museum on Jeju Island - Jeju Teddy Bear Museum)
  • if u are a fan of Baby V.O.X. (extinct korean girl band), cos Yoon left the band and started acting in this drama.

kdrama - he's beautiful (rewatching 2nd time: ep 2)

Park's outfits in episode 2

impressions of episode 2
  • risque-ky business. i guess they wanted all the R-rated stuff done away early so they can get on with the show. shower scenes, men's shower room, luminous balls, etc. i guess only Mi Nam and Coordinator Wang know exactly how many balls were involved in the scene ;)
  • having watched "the making of... " dvd, i know now that the shelf was held up by wires. otherwise, i doubt she could have kept the shelf up just on 1 leg when she was trying to turn off the aircon remote with her other foot.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

kdrama - he's beautiful (rewatching 2nd time: ep 1)

this time round, less talk more action!

Park's outfits in episode 1


impressions of episode 1
  • cleaning statues in the garden, Gemma hums the song she heard on the little girl's mp4 player, Promise. 
  • the fans havent seen the band for 3 days. if they dont see them today, they cant for the next few days - their mid terms start!
  • the first time they met, she was in nun attire. Jeremy even signed on the angel fan she was holding.
how to get on your plane if u lost your ticket?
moot issue: if you have been issued an electronic airline ticket, you can never lose it.

but if u have been issued a paper ticket, and you lose it, then... tough luck. you probably wont find it covered under travel insurance. a paper ticket has monetary value, if used with faked ID.

how did her red travel luggage turn into a brown chest?
i guess cos she is now a guy

Monday, January 17, 2011

DVD - SNSD Hoot MV + Premium Show Case Live in Ariake Coliseum (2010.08.25)

i got this DVD as part of the Japan version of the SNSD Hoot album (1 CD + 1 DVD).

purely cos of the Premium Show Case Live in Ariake Coliseum (2010.08.25).

and it is well worth the extra dough.

it wasn't a long concert. just a show case. but they sure put in a lot of effort. there was a long intro video:
  1. Tokyo city scene
  2. Shots of angel statues
  3. Angel statues coming to live - SNSD girls
  4. They descend and come together as SNSD
  5. Intro of the names and faces of each of the members of SNSD, starting with Taeyong, followed by Yoona and Yuri. Ending with Sooyoong and Heoyeon.
then the girls appeared on stage to Genie (Tell Me Your Wish), in their white angel costumes, followed by Oh!

then a short stop to say hello to their fans

then continue with the rest of the songs: Run Devil Run, Into a New World, and ended with Gee.

this is probably one of their really really good performances. their boss must have told them to give it their all. they all sang and danced really well, and Sooyoong spoke Japanese well. except for Yuri with her black hair, the rest were some shade of blonde.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

kdrama - he's beautiful (i'm rewatching it already: ep 10-16)

yup... over the weekend, i acquired MY personal pig-rabbit, and found "the making of..." dvd. and oso finished watching the drama for the 2nd time.

episode 10-16 impressions: 
  • Mi Nam turning up at his premiere in drag is awesome. ok. haha. u know what i mean here. the script is again amazing. how the 2 guys in the know pulled off the cover of the century, followed by the switch  of gals (Co-ordinator Wang turns out to be a pretty good impression of Mi Nam)
  • Shin Woo never fails to disappoint us in the charm department, even though we all know what would be in store. His elaborate dinner thing wont work, but it would be awesome if it did. i hope some real life ppl try out his tactics on their would-be girlfriends. im sure not everyone would fail as epic-ly as he.
  • THE 1st KISS (finally, but when it happened, it came complete with fireworks).
  • Park looking good in the greenhouse. I still prefer her when she was cute and innocent in Myeong Dong. This is like she is more grown up already.
  • Just when you think she got away with her disguise again, she is caught by the paparazzi. Polaroid shot of her in dress left in the greenhouse. One can only wonder how many more times she can get away with not being found out. Yet, she does it again!
  • It's really sad, watching the scene of Shin Woo fabricating his love story with Mi Nam. We can recognise every bit of what he said, but she totally has no idea, and accepts it as fiction.
  • pig-rabbit joins the fanclub. the test progress was really funny. Tae Kyung averaged 5/10. the last question/answer was totally unexpected and hence it was really fun!
  • home cooking scene. it was the perfect scenario now that the 3 guys all know Mi Nam's gender, and have accepted her. they tried to sabo He Yi, but when they failed, Jeremy took the fall. Vinegar! lol. that was totally unexpected after salt and sugar.
  • Mi Nam going to Busan. i knew once Shin Woo gave her the plane ticket option, it would not work out. However, the script didnt just opt out like that, they gave it extra oomph! Tae Kyung would go to the airport. His magic words "I like you" caused Mi Nam to be on cloud nine with roses. And that's not all, he picks Mi Nam up in his car, and teases her with the like word over food choices, as in i like sushi.
  • Fan-fiction. just the right dosage. not too much that it gets sticky, just funny and enjoyable.
  • Dense Jeremy finally realises Mi Nam likes Tae Kyung, so his chances are now zero. Depressed, he goes missing. Good scripting involves Mi Nam looking for Jeremy via his magic bus. you have to re-use a scene you have set up before.
  • THE BREAKUP. Tae Kyung finds out Mi Nam is the daughter of the guy whom his mom chose over him. and in fact, she will even get financial windfall from his mom (not that money is the issue. choice is. his mom has said before she would have chosen the twins over him if not for the death of the twins' dad). Mi Nam oso finds out that his mom is the one for whom her dad jilted her mom, causing her to give birth to the twins alone and then die. So now, Tae Kyung wants nothing to do with Mi Nam. While on Mi Nam's side, she can still love Tae Kyung, it will be hard since his mom is "The Other Woman" in her dad's life. So she chose oso to be apart from Tae Kyung. not that it matters, he already wants nothing to do with her. Tae Kyung is such a selfish guy (like his mom, actually) that he doesnt see other people's point of view. If he did, he wouldnt have been so nasty to Mi Nam.
  • The smartest reporter is this guy. makes you wonder if the rest of the paparazzi even have brains. He finally makes the connection that he has been duped by a twin. He Yi's fainting job is one of the most excellent. the situation also gives the band an excuse to go overseas. this time, okinawa, japan!
  • did i say the best scenes are those of  Shin Woo and Mi Nam? the chapel confession is the best of the best!
  • if i ever go okinawa, this aquarium is the one MUST DO activity. they have a whale shark tank! which is featured in the drama.
  • the 2nd best scene of Shin Woo and Mi Nam is the goodbye one. she buys him coffee and cake. warm and soft. they share the cake too.
  • EXPOSED! Mi Nam turns out to be a real guy. cos they used a stand-in for the airport scene. haha.
  • the scene of Mi Nyu and Tae Kyung in Japan seems a bit off. i mean, what are the chances? he has a band to run - their 6th album is just about to be released; she is going to tokyo. but they meet just outside the hotel and have a nice friendly farewell chat in the garden. she then walks off without her heavy luggage. lol.
  • Mi Nyu puts on her brother's disguise for the 2nd time. and what an excuse the Manager came up with!
  • Tae Kyung sees thru the disguise and takes the drunk Mi Nyu home. This should have been the reconciliation scene, but that would have been flat. so they dragged it out a bit more for the ultimate finale. well worth waiting for.
  • Because Tae Kyung let Mi Nyu go, he also chucks pig-rabbit back into the storeroom, complete with the star necklace. He also says, such creatures are now extinct. *SOB* (haha i love my pig-rabbit plushie!)
  • a necessary and sensible reconciliation scene between Mi Nyu and Tae Kyung's mom. it's good they have settled things between them. otherwise, it would be hard for Mi Nyu to go with Tae Kyung later on. c'mon, we know they will reconcile and have a happy ever after, right? this isnt stairway to heaven ok.
  • everybody tells Tae Kyung off for being a stuck-up pig. he finally gets the message and goes to look for Mi Nyu. of course, it is now too late to find her. so it's gotta be the concert or nothing. the concert is everything a drama viewer would want. but it's not the end. the end comes later when it's just the 2 of them, on familar ground. and he catches a star for her. this cool trick needs to be replicated more in real life. good for business, good for those in love too.
and yes, i will be rewatching a 3rd time. but not just yet. i have to finish the making of dvd first.

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    kdrama - he's beautiful (the making of... dvd)

    There is a super expensive version of He's Beautiful DVD set which includes the NG scenes. This DVD is basically the NG scenes sold at a very affordable price.

    UPDATE: actually, the super expensive version is still better with a lot of features, including director's commentaries. the super expensive version has 1 disc for the NG scenes. so this "The making of..." DVD is just that 1 disc.

    • I like the SNSD Genie (Tell Me Your Wish) chapter where u can see the makeup and practice it took for the actors to do the dance.
    • i mentioned about the truck running off with Mi Nam and how fake it was, but i didnt realise the effort it took. so all in all, it was a creditable effort. what was interesting is how the camera angle works. initially Geun Suk was running in leather shoes and that was hard. he switched shoes with one of the background staff and was using track shoes after that.
    • likewise for UEE - you dont really think she walked in stockinged feet after her shoes ended up in the river, right? she wore track shoes! btw, it was hilarious how they had to fish up her shoes from the river.
    • the sweeping dead leaves scene was very funny. Park complain about the dead leaves. are they clean? lol.
    • there was one scene they shot which was incredibly windy and cold. the background staff were all polar bear suited up. but Park and Geun Suk had to go out and say their lines. after each cut, they would run back for cover
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      Thursday, January 13, 2011

      kdrama - he's beautiful (i'm rewatching it already: ep 4 - 9)

      i like listening to the songs from the OST.

      because this post covers quite a few episodes, im gonna only write about stuff that really made a strong impression on me.

      general impressions:
      • UEE can act very well - she is perfect in her role. i oso like that they didnt make her all evil, but just selfish and jealous of her competition.
      • Tae Kyung's cool vs uncool. paraphased, it is basically "if i am uncool, i lose."
      • Nice guys finish last. Can we have a drama where the nice guy comes in first for once? that would be the ultimate fantasy drama. hmm, i think Train Man (dorama) comes close to that.
      • 3 choose 1 scenes. i love every one of them, be it sharing a room, accepting a drink, or even a favourite colour (guy). i like to make my guess, then compare it against Mi Nam's. sometimes i get it wrong. that's the fun part, besides, watching the responses of the 3 guys.
      • sub-plot of Tae Kyung's mom and Mi Nam's dad's song is weaved into the storyline very well. long hidden secrets, revealed at the appropriate part of the drama, makes it a subtle work of art. kudos to the scriptwriters for keeping it consistent and low key yet critical to the main storyline.
      • basic logic: hairpin = girl. no hairpin = guy. first, they use Heyi's star (she's a star, geddit?) hairpin to start it all off. after that, you get to see Mi Nam when she wear wig with flower (he's a flower guy, geddit?) hairpin, and Pig-rabbit with sparkly (stars, more stars) hairpin, etc.
      • some of the smartest comebacks are between Heyi and Tae Kyung. the scene by the river (while Mi Nam went to visit her Mother Superior). To avoid Tae Kyung trashing her car, she walked to a remote bench. His comeback? takes off one of her shoes and chucks it in the river. lol. now she has a long walk back in stockinged feet. her comeback? takes off the other shoe and tries to hit him with it. his comeback? boots it into the river as well! i dont know how many takes they had to do for this scene, but the end result is just hilarious.
      episode 4-9 impressions:
      • Mi Nam's toilet dream sequence. She gets out of the loo, and sees that the guys heard her confession, and now want to check her out. so she dashes past them, and along the way, picks up her boss, as well as the fanclub, hot on her trail. anyone who has done something wrong and kept it secret will have such visuals as well. i know i have. but it's nice to wake up and find out its all just a bad dream. haha.
      • the signature. i dont like the entire sequence, only the bit where Tae Kyung talks to himself as he comes up with the ideal signature for Mi Nam. personally, i think his version is better than Shin Woo's.
      • live performance. awesome scene. i liked that they can SING in this drama. Park seriously looks like a girl in her band makeup. but i guess that is oso the whole point of this sort of idol band.
      • how to smuggle a boy idol out - use a girl disguise. duh, it's a no brainer. still, the scene works, and Park looks great as a girl here.
      • watching old clips of the band while starting out on TV shows. that was just... brilliant. it reminds me of the youtube clip i watched of Sooyoung (SNSD) having to wear a swimming tube, walk into a crowded coffee shop, announce herself and then do the Gee crab dance across to the exit at the other end of the shop.
      • i like Tae Kyung's consideration for Mi Nam's gender when rooming together. he makes her sleep further from his bed.
      • dear god, i tasered myself. funniest ever scene.
      • ok, lunch now. more later.
      • the AWESOME proxy date. i already wrote about it in detail.
      • just when you think the next episode would be tamer, nothing of the sort! Tae Kyung goes to the countryside! pig chases him, he goes missing while pig returns home, Mi Nam tracks him down, they return to the village and live happily ever after. NOT. there's some complicated star discussion which u can fastforward. in summary, Tae Kyung is the Sun, Mi Nam is the Moon. you dont believe me oso cant be helped. just dont blame me if u fail history, geog or physics or whatever.
      • now that Mi Nam knows what love is, she can sing her solo song with emotion. Jeremy's turn to help comfort her, and it's an fun sequence of cry as much as you like spicy food, cooling off with ice popsicles, and riding bike, then a 1 hr transformation bus ride.
      • The piggy nose acupuncture point advice, from the manager to Mi Nam, to controlling emotions. caution: nose may turn red if pressed too hard and often.
      • since the song is recorded, the MV follows. they could have skipped the Mi Nam best friend scenario. cos what are the odds of him being in a MV? i guess they probably added him in cos just shooting the MV doesnt present enough challenges. frankly, im happy with just the raking leaves scene. when she did the piggy nose at the end of it, it was just brilliant scripting.
      • the Tae Kyung birthday ending bit is awesome. just what everybody needs.
      • the best plush toy operation ever. enuf said. we will never really know what happened to pig without a snout. everything about this scene is just awesome. esp. hygienic Tae Kyung dusting the 2 plush toys out on the balcony, with his mask on! and the scene when Mi Nam wakes up and sees the pig-rabbit toy? priceless.
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      Tuesday, January 11, 2011

      kdrama - he's beautiful (i'm rewatching it already: ep 1 - 3)

      this is bad, when i have a ton of english movies and japanese dramas and some jamie oliver cooking dvds still to watch. i tried to watch a bit of the dorama Unubore Deka but ultimately, i am drawn back to this kdrama. which i just finished watching on Sunday and i am rewatching it again Tuesday night. and finished the first 3 episodes already.

      2nd impressions of episodes 1-3
      • i didnt really pay much attention during the first viewing when she was drunk and fell from the bench. this time round, i saw that she fell into Tae Kyung's arms and she barfed into his mouth. do not eat while watching this scene. it is not nice.
      • is she beautiful? during the first viewing, i was trying to find scenes where she looked beautiful and seldom caught them (in guy disguise or as normal girl). well, she probably isnt close competition to the real kdrama beauties like Ha Ji Won and Kim Ah Joong. as a matter of fact, the 3 guys are cuter than her! but at least, i find her cuter than her drama competitor, UEE. and she does have a feminine side that is better than ok looks. her drunken dream sequence with her descending from the air makes her look good. of course, her CFs with Etude House are much better looking. i'm only trying to find stuff in the drama that makes her look good.
      • more later... lunch now. during lunch, i wandered into a DVD shop, and saw IRIS. tempted by the 20+% ratings, but its about stuff i am not interested in. nope, didnt buy it. probably will never watch it.
      • i got the jokes a little better with the balls scenes, at the end of which Tae Kyung found out her gender. i just hope ppl dont take those luminous balls seriously. haha
      • every gender-bender drama has to have a shower scene right? this is one of the better scripted ones. where she actually walks thru the throng of nude men. she is looking at them, but she isnt looking at them as real men but babies. lol. even when Jeremy comes right up to her and takes off his towel. does that make Jeremy less than a real man? rofl.
      • the truck scene is way too fake. when i first watched it, i let some things slip. like how the truck set off but Tae Kyung just stared dumbly. and then later on, you see the truck moving on the road but you dont see him running. then the next moment you see him running with the truck picking up pace. see the incongruity? i forgave it the first time watching it. 2nd time, not so forgiving. even the jumping off and landing bit is too fake. i looked hard at the first shot of Tae Kyung getting off the road (after being flattened by Mi Nam). the back of his shirt was intact. later on, you see it tattered and torn. the candid camera bit was superfluous. based on the fact that it took the traffic lights to make a last minute difference, it would be really tough to station a camera crew to catch the situation. they should have just skipped that bit and have the 2 trudge off and camera fade out. hmm, maybe i should be a scriptwriter or director myself. heh heh.
      • can i say i prefer any scene with Shin Woo and Mi Nam to those of Tae Kyung and Mi Nam? in this scene of him attending to her hurt hand, i kept getting distracted by their on screen chemistry, i just never got the hang of what he actually did with her hand. i will probably replay the scene and this time just focus on what sort of first aid he performed.
      • i like the fun bits where the script uses the same phrase to link the 3 boys to the girl. "I’d better be careful" was the summary of how each boy felt after their recent encounter with Mi Nam.
      • i enjoy all the song parodies or imitations they did in the series. Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry" was fun. and it was appropriate for the part when the manager decides the best outcome after Mi Nam was caught, would be to apologise and beg Tae Kyung not to expose him/her.
      • the ring in the pond trick. when i first watched it, i was between 2 minds - would she find it thru persistence, or was it a trick throw? 2nd time round, i was enjoying the scenery. that was a fab part of Seoul. if i ever go there again, i would want to walk around some of the places that i enjoyed watching from all the kdramas i have watched over the years. naturally, the best part of it all is when it was over, and Mi Nam is enjoying her bubble bath. damn the bubbles!
      • the pool shoot. although i know there is no way that Mi Nam is gonna get exposed, i still get a kick out of watching it, esp when Tae Kyung was grinning in expectation of the exposure on letting Mi Nam know about the pool shoot the night before, but ended up she was grinning cos it was a full dress shoot in the pool.
      • after the shoot scene was messy. watching it the 2nd time round only confirms the no. of holes in the storyline. but i must have enjoyed watching Mi Nam drowning so much i dont mind it one bit. so it was still as funny the 2nd time round to see it was Tae Kyung that ended up in hospital.
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      Monday, January 10, 2011

      kdrama - he's beautiful (additional comments)

      a good drama keeps one thinking back on it. and this one does it.

      episode 1 clinched the deal for me
      i never looked back after going thru and didnt even realise episode 1 ended. i just wanted MORE!
      • when i saw Park running in her nun outfit, i just was expecting julie andrews's flying nun. im glad they didnt try that stunt.
      • expecting Park to mess up her scooter and get into an accident. she didnt. that's what made the drama smart. they didnt try to do it all. when they had to go over the top, they would and could.
      • A.N.Jell fan club. awesome. then they see Park in nun outfit. even more super cool and funny.
      • airport dreamscapes. when Park tries to envision the outcome before attempting it.
      • modern meets primitive: Park accidentally turns on the bidet.
      • Jang. Jang as the rocker star, Jang as the serious musician, Jang as the stuck-up guy. He is just awesome in this role.
      • Park's drunken dream sequence. Her 3 stone statues came to life as the boy band members.

      one stuffed toy was hurt in the making of the drama
      i thought about the pig-rabbit operation. while it was necessary and funny, it was oso sad. piggy didnt have a proper nose by the end of the episode, and was dumped back into the store room. the producers kindly omitted all future references to the said piggy so we dont feel the effect so much. if at all.

      it wouldnt have the same effect, if he had just made a piggy nose out of cloth and then attached it to a toy rabbit. so an operation had to be done. but i hope this is the first and last such op.

      coolest concept ever: proxy dating @ Myeong Dong, Seoul.
      the one where Mi Nam (dressed as a girl, of course!) went to see her Mother Superior without letting the others know (some mistake her as having left the group).

      Shin Woo found out about it, and also that Tae Kyung would be held up from picking her up, so he decided to take her out on a proxy date (and then reveal himself to her and fetch her back).

      The key to a proxy date is the proxy. in this case, it is the mobile phone.

      How to proxy date?
      1. you call her on her mobile to tell her where to find the best Kalguksoo (noodles) shop. then you go there in disguise and eat the same thing as she does, but at another table.
      2. you call her on her mobile to ask her how her meal went, then suggest icecream (Baskin and Robbins). and eat the same thing she does. but that's not enough. you gotta buy another dessert and ask the salesgirl to give it to her as a free dessert. (she hasnt got much money, coming from a convent, and having just started as a boy band member. while he is already many years with the group and making lots of cash)
      3. when she asks you where she can buy cheap clothing, you recommend a shop, go there ahead of her, tell the salesgirl that you will pay for the things she buys at a fake bargain price. Mi Nam had to buy a set of men's clothes so she can transform back to boy band member and go back to the office, since she left her usual set in Tae Kyung's car.
      4. finally, reveal yourself to your date at the end of the day, thereby making her fall for you really really hard.
       For Shin Woo, he failed not from trying too hard, but just bad timing. cos Tae Kyung got out of his mess and called Mi Nam just when she was about to see him on the crowded street.

      drama OST cds i bought

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      kdrama - he's beautiful

      official website:

      drama title:
      미남이시네요 / Minami Shineyo
      oso known as you're beautiful, etc.

      main cast:

      장근석 Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung
      박신혜 Park Shin Hye as Go Mi Nam (Male) / Go Mi Nyu (Female)
      이홍기 Lee Hongki as Kang On Yu / Jeremy (from FT Island)
      정용화 Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin Woo (from C.N. Blue)

      boy band recruits new member, who due to some plastic surgery issues, got his twin sis to take his place temporary (1 month). so the issues of a new member integrating into the band, plus the discovery of the deception, and the maintenance of the deception, and the boys falling for the girl, makes for a very interesting storyline.

      my score: 10 out of 10.
      how i derived that score. i watched the drama practically non-stop over a weekend (16 episodes). just couldnt drag myself away. actually gave up on wow gaming time. only took some time out to play wow, and eat and sleep and some maintenance stuff that had to be done around the house.

      why you should watch it: 
      • the score i gave this drama. btw, i hardly ever rate anything 10. although this drama had poor ratings during its run on ktv (korean tv), it kept its 10% ratings even though it was going against IRIS (supposedly an awesome drama, 20+% ratings, but i havent watched it yet). the storyline is that good, the actors clicked together, and that showed up in the drama.
      • Jang Geun Suk at his best
      • real singers in the boy band. from other boy bands (see main cast)
      • non-stop eye candy (Park is cuter and more feminine than "Coffee Prince" actress Yoon Eun Hye)
      • life of a boy band
      • fab concept of a pig-rabbit (or dwaeji t'okki in Korean) plush toy.
      • funny scenes like guys dancing to Genie (SNSD) or Sorry Sorry (Super Junior)
      titbits from the drama:
      Mi Nam - name of the character played by Park, is a word play on the drama title - it means beautiful guy.
      A.N.JELL - archangel
      operation pig-rabbit

      before operation