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Monday, January 17, 2011

DVD - SNSD Hoot MV + Premium Show Case Live in Ariake Coliseum (2010.08.25)

i got this DVD as part of the Japan version of the SNSD Hoot album (1 CD + 1 DVD).

purely cos of the Premium Show Case Live in Ariake Coliseum (2010.08.25).

and it is well worth the extra dough.

it wasn't a long concert. just a show case. but they sure put in a lot of effort. there was a long intro video:
  1. Tokyo city scene
  2. Shots of angel statues
  3. Angel statues coming to live - SNSD girls
  4. They descend and come together as SNSD
  5. Intro of the names and faces of each of the members of SNSD, starting with Taeyong, followed by Yoona and Yuri. Ending with Sooyoong and Heoyeon.
then the girls appeared on stage to Genie (Tell Me Your Wish), in their white angel costumes, followed by Oh!

then a short stop to say hello to their fans

then continue with the rest of the songs: Run Devil Run, Into a New World, and ended with Gee.

this is probably one of their really really good performances. their boss must have told them to give it their all. they all sang and danced really well, and Sooyoong spoke Japanese well. except for Yuri with her black hair, the rest were some shade of blonde.

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