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Sunday, January 16, 2011

kdrama - he's beautiful (i'm rewatching it already: ep 10-16)

yup... over the weekend, i acquired MY personal pig-rabbit, and found "the making of..." dvd. and oso finished watching the drama for the 2nd time.

episode 10-16 impressions: 
  • Mi Nam turning up at his premiere in drag is awesome. ok. haha. u know what i mean here. the script is again amazing. how the 2 guys in the know pulled off the cover of the century, followed by the switch  of gals (Co-ordinator Wang turns out to be a pretty good impression of Mi Nam)
  • Shin Woo never fails to disappoint us in the charm department, even though we all know what would be in store. His elaborate dinner thing wont work, but it would be awesome if it did. i hope some real life ppl try out his tactics on their would-be girlfriends. im sure not everyone would fail as epic-ly as he.
  • THE 1st KISS (finally, but when it happened, it came complete with fireworks).
  • Park looking good in the greenhouse. I still prefer her when she was cute and innocent in Myeong Dong. This is like she is more grown up already.
  • Just when you think she got away with her disguise again, she is caught by the paparazzi. Polaroid shot of her in dress left in the greenhouse. One can only wonder how many more times she can get away with not being found out. Yet, she does it again!
  • It's really sad, watching the scene of Shin Woo fabricating his love story with Mi Nam. We can recognise every bit of what he said, but she totally has no idea, and accepts it as fiction.
  • pig-rabbit joins the fanclub. the test progress was really funny. Tae Kyung averaged 5/10. the last question/answer was totally unexpected and hence it was really fun!
  • home cooking scene. it was the perfect scenario now that the 3 guys all know Mi Nam's gender, and have accepted her. they tried to sabo He Yi, but when they failed, Jeremy took the fall. Vinegar! lol. that was totally unexpected after salt and sugar.
  • Mi Nam going to Busan. i knew once Shin Woo gave her the plane ticket option, it would not work out. However, the script didnt just opt out like that, they gave it extra oomph! Tae Kyung would go to the airport. His magic words "I like you" caused Mi Nam to be on cloud nine with roses. And that's not all, he picks Mi Nam up in his car, and teases her with the like word over food choices, as in i like sushi.
  • Fan-fiction. just the right dosage. not too much that it gets sticky, just funny and enjoyable.
  • Dense Jeremy finally realises Mi Nam likes Tae Kyung, so his chances are now zero. Depressed, he goes missing. Good scripting involves Mi Nam looking for Jeremy via his magic bus. you have to re-use a scene you have set up before.
  • THE BREAKUP. Tae Kyung finds out Mi Nam is the daughter of the guy whom his mom chose over him. and in fact, she will even get financial windfall from his mom (not that money is the issue. choice is. his mom has said before she would have chosen the twins over him if not for the death of the twins' dad). Mi Nam oso finds out that his mom is the one for whom her dad jilted her mom, causing her to give birth to the twins alone and then die. So now, Tae Kyung wants nothing to do with Mi Nam. While on Mi Nam's side, she can still love Tae Kyung, it will be hard since his mom is "The Other Woman" in her dad's life. So she chose oso to be apart from Tae Kyung. not that it matters, he already wants nothing to do with her. Tae Kyung is such a selfish guy (like his mom, actually) that he doesnt see other people's point of view. If he did, he wouldnt have been so nasty to Mi Nam.
  • The smartest reporter is this guy. makes you wonder if the rest of the paparazzi even have brains. He finally makes the connection that he has been duped by a twin. He Yi's fainting job is one of the most excellent. the situation also gives the band an excuse to go overseas. this time, okinawa, japan!
  • did i say the best scenes are those of  Shin Woo and Mi Nam? the chapel confession is the best of the best!
  • if i ever go okinawa, this aquarium is the one MUST DO activity. they have a whale shark tank! which is featured in the drama.
  • the 2nd best scene of Shin Woo and Mi Nam is the goodbye one. she buys him coffee and cake. warm and soft. they share the cake too.
  • EXPOSED! Mi Nam turns out to be a real guy. cos they used a stand-in for the airport scene. haha.
  • the scene of Mi Nyu and Tae Kyung in Japan seems a bit off. i mean, what are the chances? he has a band to run - their 6th album is just about to be released; she is going to tokyo. but they meet just outside the hotel and have a nice friendly farewell chat in the garden. she then walks off without her heavy luggage. lol.
  • Mi Nyu puts on her brother's disguise for the 2nd time. and what an excuse the Manager came up with!
  • Tae Kyung sees thru the disguise and takes the drunk Mi Nyu home. This should have been the reconciliation scene, but that would have been flat. so they dragged it out a bit more for the ultimate finale. well worth waiting for.
  • Because Tae Kyung let Mi Nyu go, he also chucks pig-rabbit back into the storeroom, complete with the star necklace. He also says, such creatures are now extinct. *SOB* (haha i love my pig-rabbit plushie!)
  • a necessary and sensible reconciliation scene between Mi Nyu and Tae Kyung's mom. it's good they have settled things between them. otherwise, it would be hard for Mi Nyu to go with Tae Kyung later on. c'mon, we know they will reconcile and have a happy ever after, right? this isnt stairway to heaven ok.
  • everybody tells Tae Kyung off for being a stuck-up pig. he finally gets the message and goes to look for Mi Nyu. of course, it is now too late to find her. so it's gotta be the concert or nothing. the concert is everything a drama viewer would want. but it's not the end. the end comes later when it's just the 2 of them, on familar ground. and he catches a star for her. this cool trick needs to be replicated more in real life. good for business, good for those in love too.
and yes, i will be rewatching a 3rd time. but not just yet. i have to finish the making of dvd first.

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