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Sunday, January 30, 2011

the weekend of discontent

this is what happens when you have just watched 2 good dramas in a row. nothing else seems to be able to attract my attention. do i decided to do the necessary. ie. watch the stuff i had begun and then faded off.

starting with dorama unubore deka. i had stopped after 2 chapters. cos it was always the same formula: detective hits off with girl, who happens to be involved in a crime. after some time, in which he tries to prove their innocence but fail, he offers them a marriage or jail option. the girls always prefer jail time to him.

goong ending was a letdown. i am sure it confused ppl to no end. i think i should be a specialist scriptwriter for endings. i can think of way better endings:
  1. the prince abdicates for good and lives happily ever after with her as an average Joe. after all, his sister is already governing after their dad retired for his health. she can go on to be Queen.
  2. prince and her have a big fight over her independence and they call it off. then after a few years of wandering in various countries (after all, she is learning korean culture), she accidentally bumps into Yul and they hit it off.
  3. the prince is ready to take over the position of king. he recalls her back to his side. they have a public reunion, followed by his coronation.
well, the weekend ended well. my sis watched episode 2 of he's beautiful on sunday night, and then she was hooked and didnt stop until episode 4 was done.

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