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i like to watch movies and dramas in 4 languages - english, mandarin, japanese and korean. for japanese and korean, i depend on subtitles.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

slowing down on my drama pursuits

too lazy to do screencaps and rewatch He's Beautiful for the 3rd time. instead, been trying to finish up Princess Hours while still playing wow and doing things IRL

PH is fun, until the last few episodes when things get bogged down with the evil Queen Mother trying all sorts of tricks to get her son to replace the Crown Prince. so it's like one major blowout after another - first with Crown Princess being out with an unknown young man (Yul), then the Crown Princess blurts out the taboo word - "Divorce" on national television, then the fire started in the evil Queen Mother's quarters which is attributed to the Crown Prince as the prime suspect. the only redeeming feature is now Crown Princess really knows the Crown Prince loves her and they kiss and hug properly for the first time ever.... and an outing into the real world in disguise. and no, i havent got to the end of the drama yet. almost there.

pig-rabbit looks so cute with her sparkly hairpin. i adore her to bits. she owns my bed.

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