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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

kdrama - he's beautiful (i'm rewatching it already: ep 1 - 3)

this is bad, when i have a ton of english movies and japanese dramas and some jamie oliver cooking dvds still to watch. i tried to watch a bit of the dorama Unubore Deka but ultimately, i am drawn back to this kdrama. which i just finished watching on Sunday and i am rewatching it again Tuesday night. and finished the first 3 episodes already.

2nd impressions of episodes 1-3
  • i didnt really pay much attention during the first viewing when she was drunk and fell from the bench. this time round, i saw that she fell into Tae Kyung's arms and she barfed into his mouth. do not eat while watching this scene. it is not nice.
  • is she beautiful? during the first viewing, i was trying to find scenes where she looked beautiful and seldom caught them (in guy disguise or as normal girl). well, she probably isnt close competition to the real kdrama beauties like Ha Ji Won and Kim Ah Joong. as a matter of fact, the 3 guys are cuter than her! but at least, i find her cuter than her drama competitor, UEE. and she does have a feminine side that is better than ok looks. her drunken dream sequence with her descending from the air makes her look good. of course, her CFs with Etude House are much better looking. i'm only trying to find stuff in the drama that makes her look good.
  • more later... lunch now. during lunch, i wandered into a DVD shop, and saw IRIS. tempted by the 20+% ratings, but its about stuff i am not interested in. nope, didnt buy it. probably will never watch it.
  • i got the jokes a little better with the balls scenes, at the end of which Tae Kyung found out her gender. i just hope ppl dont take those luminous balls seriously. haha
  • every gender-bender drama has to have a shower scene right? this is one of the better scripted ones. where she actually walks thru the throng of nude men. she is looking at them, but she isnt looking at them as real men but babies. lol. even when Jeremy comes right up to her and takes off his towel. does that make Jeremy less than a real man? rofl.
  • the truck scene is way too fake. when i first watched it, i let some things slip. like how the truck set off but Tae Kyung just stared dumbly. and then later on, you see the truck moving on the road but you dont see him running. then the next moment you see him running with the truck picking up pace. see the incongruity? i forgave it the first time watching it. 2nd time, not so forgiving. even the jumping off and landing bit is too fake. i looked hard at the first shot of Tae Kyung getting off the road (after being flattened by Mi Nam). the back of his shirt was intact. later on, you see it tattered and torn. the candid camera bit was superfluous. based on the fact that it took the traffic lights to make a last minute difference, it would be really tough to station a camera crew to catch the situation. they should have just skipped that bit and have the 2 trudge off and camera fade out. hmm, maybe i should be a scriptwriter or director myself. heh heh.
  • can i say i prefer any scene with Shin Woo and Mi Nam to those of Tae Kyung and Mi Nam? in this scene of him attending to her hurt hand, i kept getting distracted by their on screen chemistry, i just never got the hang of what he actually did with her hand. i will probably replay the scene and this time just focus on what sort of first aid he performed.
  • i like the fun bits where the script uses the same phrase to link the 3 boys to the girl. "I’d better be careful" was the summary of how each boy felt after their recent encounter with Mi Nam.
  • i enjoy all the song parodies or imitations they did in the series. Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry" was fun. and it was appropriate for the part when the manager decides the best outcome after Mi Nam was caught, would be to apologise and beg Tae Kyung not to expose him/her.
  • the ring in the pond trick. when i first watched it, i was between 2 minds - would she find it thru persistence, or was it a trick throw? 2nd time round, i was enjoying the scenery. that was a fab part of Seoul. if i ever go there again, i would want to walk around some of the places that i enjoyed watching from all the kdramas i have watched over the years. naturally, the best part of it all is when it was over, and Mi Nam is enjoying her bubble bath. damn the bubbles!
  • the pool shoot. although i know there is no way that Mi Nam is gonna get exposed, i still get a kick out of watching it, esp when Tae Kyung was grinning in expectation of the exposure on letting Mi Nam know about the pool shoot the night before, but ended up she was grinning cos it was a full dress shoot in the pool.
  • after the shoot scene was messy. watching it the 2nd time round only confirms the no. of holes in the storyline. but i must have enjoyed watching Mi Nam drowning so much i dont mind it one bit. so it was still as funny the 2nd time round to see it was Tae Kyung that ended up in hospital.
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