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Monday, January 31, 2011

kdrama - he's beautiful (rewatching 2nd time: ep 5)

Park's outfits in episode 5

impressions of episode 5
  • oldies but goodies. the radish gnawing act was the ultimate in funny. cos you have to expose your 2 front teeth like a good rat/bunny, then start shaving the veggie.
  • the practice session with the guys all watching a pretty gal's legs on tv is a good lead into Shin Woo catching onto something Mi Nam likes, which then gives him the excuse to shop and make a present for her. unfortunately, he should have known by now that elaborate dates FAIL. he should just grab her hands (as he did earlier in the episode) and confess his love then and there, instead of just putting plates in them. then it would become like Goong (the other kdrama i watched recently) - Guy 2 likes Girl who likes Guy 1.
  • merry-go-around the giant ice cream cone. i counted 4 times. ;)
  • Mi Nam's aunt and Tae Kyung's mom, they all play significant roles in turning the plot around, but they dont detract from the main actors cos they are nicely sidelined once they have done their job in moving the plot ahead. Here, the aunt was the turning point for Mi Nam's supposed exit from the group.
  • once again, we have a 3-choose-1 situation. Jeremy already had strange feelings for Mi Nam, so he couldn't have him in his room. Shin Woo wants to volunteer his room, but he figures Mi Nam will be more comfortable with Tae Kyung (since he knows Tae Kyung knows Mi Nam is a girl) so he gives up his chance. Tae Kyung is just plain selfish and dont want to share his room. Even after Mi Nam chose Tae Kyung's room, it was still no no. until the hilarious situation of President Ahn deciding to take Mi Nam home to 'exercise and sauna' with. Then Tae Kyung is left with no choice but to take Mi Nam in, to 'exercise and sauna' with. ROFL.
  • the most brilliant ending of an intermediate episode: it's not just the zapper, but how she came to zap herself with it. it's DA BOMB

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