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Thursday, January 13, 2011

kdrama - he's beautiful (i'm rewatching it already: ep 4 - 9)

i like listening to the songs from the OST.

because this post covers quite a few episodes, im gonna only write about stuff that really made a strong impression on me.

general impressions:
  • UEE can act very well - she is perfect in her role. i oso like that they didnt make her all evil, but just selfish and jealous of her competition.
  • Tae Kyung's cool vs uncool. paraphased, it is basically "if i am uncool, i lose."
  • Nice guys finish last. Can we have a drama where the nice guy comes in first for once? that would be the ultimate fantasy drama. hmm, i think Train Man (dorama) comes close to that.
  • 3 choose 1 scenes. i love every one of them, be it sharing a room, accepting a drink, or even a favourite colour (guy). i like to make my guess, then compare it against Mi Nam's. sometimes i get it wrong. that's the fun part, besides, watching the responses of the 3 guys.
  • sub-plot of Tae Kyung's mom and Mi Nam's dad's song is weaved into the storyline very well. long hidden secrets, revealed at the appropriate part of the drama, makes it a subtle work of art. kudos to the scriptwriters for keeping it consistent and low key yet critical to the main storyline.
  • basic logic: hairpin = girl. no hairpin = guy. first, they use Heyi's star (she's a star, geddit?) hairpin to start it all off. after that, you get to see Mi Nam when she wear wig with flower (he's a flower guy, geddit?) hairpin, and Pig-rabbit with sparkly (stars, more stars) hairpin, etc.
  • some of the smartest comebacks are between Heyi and Tae Kyung. the scene by the river (while Mi Nam went to visit her Mother Superior). To avoid Tae Kyung trashing her car, she walked to a remote bench. His comeback? takes off one of her shoes and chucks it in the river. lol. now she has a long walk back in stockinged feet. her comeback? takes off the other shoe and tries to hit him with it. his comeback? boots it into the river as well! i dont know how many takes they had to do for this scene, but the end result is just hilarious.
episode 4-9 impressions:
  • Mi Nam's toilet dream sequence. She gets out of the loo, and sees that the guys heard her confession, and now want to check her out. so she dashes past them, and along the way, picks up her boss, as well as the fanclub, hot on her trail. anyone who has done something wrong and kept it secret will have such visuals as well. i know i have. but it's nice to wake up and find out its all just a bad dream. haha.
  • the signature. i dont like the entire sequence, only the bit where Tae Kyung talks to himself as he comes up with the ideal signature for Mi Nam. personally, i think his version is better than Shin Woo's.
  • live performance. awesome scene. i liked that they can SING in this drama. Park seriously looks like a girl in her band makeup. but i guess that is oso the whole point of this sort of idol band.
  • how to smuggle a boy idol out - use a girl disguise. duh, it's a no brainer. still, the scene works, and Park looks great as a girl here.
  • watching old clips of the band while starting out on TV shows. that was just... brilliant. it reminds me of the youtube clip i watched of Sooyoung (SNSD) having to wear a swimming tube, walk into a crowded coffee shop, announce herself and then do the Gee crab dance across to the exit at the other end of the shop.
  • i like Tae Kyung's consideration for Mi Nam's gender when rooming together. he makes her sleep further from his bed.
  • dear god, i tasered myself. funniest ever scene.
  • ok, lunch now. more later.
  • the AWESOME proxy date. i already wrote about it in detail.
  • just when you think the next episode would be tamer, nothing of the sort! Tae Kyung goes to the countryside! pig chases him, he goes missing while pig returns home, Mi Nam tracks him down, they return to the village and live happily ever after. NOT. there's some complicated star discussion which u can fastforward. in summary, Tae Kyung is the Sun, Mi Nam is the Moon. you dont believe me oso cant be helped. just dont blame me if u fail history, geog or physics or whatever.
  • now that Mi Nam knows what love is, she can sing her solo song with emotion. Jeremy's turn to help comfort her, and it's an fun sequence of cry as much as you like spicy food, cooling off with ice popsicles, and riding bike, then a 1 hr transformation bus ride.
  • The piggy nose acupuncture point advice, from the manager to Mi Nam, to controlling emotions. caution: nose may turn red if pressed too hard and often.
  • since the song is recorded, the MV follows. they could have skipped the Mi Nam best friend scenario. cos what are the odds of him being in a MV? i guess they probably added him in cos just shooting the MV doesnt present enough challenges. frankly, im happy with just the raking leaves scene. when she did the piggy nose at the end of it, it was just brilliant scripting.
  • the Tae Kyung birthday ending bit is awesome. just what everybody needs.
  • the best plush toy operation ever. enuf said. we will never really know what happened to pig without a snout. everything about this scene is just awesome. esp. hygienic Tae Kyung dusting the 2 plush toys out on the balcony, with his mask on! and the scene when Mi Nam wakes up and sees the pig-rabbit toy? priceless.
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