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Sunday, October 2, 2011

kdrama - he's beautiful (rewatching 2nd time: ep 11)

Park's outfits in episode 11

impressions of episode 11

now they know she is a girl
After Shin Woo's revelation, he takes them both to safety.

Jeremy is in a state of shock. still he is in better shape than the poor hairpin, which is now broken.

Tae Kyung finds out He Yi is the cause of the problem, but he has more urgent matters to attend to now.

Shin Woo pretends to be shocked. He says he's not going to be nice to her anymore - it's a new beginning for the 2 of them.

Tae Kyung takes responsibilty and asks the guys to decide if they are in or out. Shin Woo says he's already in it (after all, he said she is his gf in public). so it's just left with Jeremy. Turns out he is the happiest! that she is a girl and he is not turning gay! and wants to hug her and has to be restrained from molest charges!

turns out the most stunned is Mi Nam cos she didnt expect the boys to be so nice to her after the longest lie.

Tae Kyung ropes in Manager Ma and Miss Wang to help cos Mi Nam and Jeremy are useless.

Yippee! they are now all on Mi Nam's team!

Tae Kyung knows there is one person who has to be silenced. He Yi appears, wants to pretend but Tae Kyung exposes her. She then turns nasty. Now the whole group has to be nice to her!

i just love the way He Yi switches between angel and devil.

Jeremy and Shin Woo finally realise that Tae Kyung has been covering up for Mi Nam all this while

Jeremy's Party time!
but first, grocery shopping, in disguise! Tae Kyung went as the policeman but he is super annoyed Mi Nam is being monopolised by the other 2 guys, so he makes the best snide comments:
Mi Nam to Shin Woo: i cant pick apples by smelling them
Tae Kyung: Why not, you have a piggy nose
Mi Nam to Jeremy: i will make fresh juice every morning (holding carrots)
Tae Kyung: i will see a rabbit making carrot juice every morning

Jeremy is so happy he wants to hug Mi Nam again. Tae Kyung zips him up!

awesome fun! re-enacting ads they did for food products!

Mi Nam has to glue pin by herself, and being the usual clumsy girl, gets herself stuck. just then, Tae Kyung returns to help her. she says it's a precious cup to avoid revealing its the pin.

girls just wanna have fun
bored with practice, they go out for some sports fun. Mi Nam needed to get away from being too close to her love.

Tae Kyung is jealous (but he dont recognise it) when she prefers to spend time with the other guys, and turns vindictive. At badminton, he smashed every shot at Mi Nam without mercy, and says she sucks. only when Tae Kyung stands back, can Shin Woo play it nice and easy with Mi Nam.

Mi Nam proves that she is good at something. hanging on the pole.

now it became a challenge to make her let go. Tae Kyung's direct order  failed. Jeremy fails too. Shin Woo's turn. he kissed her (halo, only forehead ok?) but she was shocked and released. To Shin Woo, this is just the beginning. Tae Kyung, on the other hand, almost had a heart attack! lol

2nd lead is 2nd
Shin Woo goes in another of his elaborate plans. hasnt he learnt his lesson by now? NO!

Mi Nam prepares to go meet Shin Woo and his 'gf'. Manager Ma, FOR GOD'S SAKE, DON'T STOP HER!

oh well, he didnt. he got Tae Kyung to do it instead

end up having a fight and then he grabs her and give her a long long kiss?

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