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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

kdrama - he's beautiful (rewatching 2nd time: ep 14)

Park's outfits in episode 14
impressions of episode 14
continuation from ep 13 after the hug, he said: i like you

Mi Nam goes into cloud 9 while Shin Woo fly home, alone.

Mi Nam goes wild imagining:
1) can she also give permission to Tae Kyung to like her too?
Tae Kyung: forget it, just turn me down!
2) ask Tae Kyung to repeat what he said to her?
Tae Kyung: forget i said anything!
3) finally she decides she would just have to be satisfied that she has heard it

"i like" scene
Tae Kyung: Mi Nam, do you like spaghetti?
she hiccups at hearing the "like" word.
Tae Kyung catches on and teases her.

fan fiction scene
love triangle, sans women...
Tae Kyung <3 Shin Woo <3 Jeremy <3 Tae Kyung

the truth is out!
Manager Ma finally gets who Mi Nam likes! Mi Nam finally realises Tae Kyung knows about the piggy nose significance! and Jeremy finds out Mi Nam likes Tae Kyung too!

which leads to the inevitable magic bus, scene 2

Jeremy, alias, the Last to Know.

i like that Mi Nam didnt try to make Jeremy go on the radio show, but just sit on the bus with him.

Jeremy sings this really cool song acapella, crying his heart out, for the radio audience, and for Mi Nam.

the 2nd date
Tae Kyung completes the redo of the oldies song that night. then calls a sleepy voice pig rabbit to drag her out, cos he need her eyes in the dark of the cinema. lol. the excuses he uses for a date!

when it was over, Mi Nam found stars for Tae Kyung to see cos he cant see those in the sky, and says she will continue to do so even after she leaves the group.

Tae Kyung kisses her: dont be a pig rabbit anymore

back from Busan and nice with a vengence
Shin Woo is back and says in the past, he did stuff for her without her knowing. now, he is going to do stuff for her and make sure she knows it.


Manager Ma announces the end of the drama is near
i mean, Mi Nam the boy will be back on the day b4 the showcase.

again, they are showing something that will be re-used later on. the excuse, is to celebrate the return of the real Mi Nam.

fan meeting 2
Tae Kyung makes another date (he calls it fan meeting) with Mi Nam for star gazing tonight. he bought a telescope (and a star necklace).

the night of family revelations
Mi Nam goes to see Tae Kyung's mom, so she calls Tae Kyung to join in too. Tae Kyung is now mad at Mi Nam for being the daughter of the man his mom loved, and for keeping it a secret from him for a while now.

reporter has came up with the correct theory finally. and insist on interviewing both twins AT THE SAME TIME!

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