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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

kdrama - he's beautiful (rewatching 2nd time: ep 15)

Park's outfits in episode 15

impressions of episode 15
the reporter and He Yi
damn funny scene. she fakes a fainting, but can still nod her head when the reporter relents on dragging her down with ANJELL

as for ANJELL, they have to buy time away from the reporter, who requested to meet both twins at the same time, so they are going to Japan! and the day they return is when the real Mi Nam is back too!

in the hotel, Mi Nam gets the star treatment!
Mi Nam fantasy scenes
Manager Ma too free, so he dreams of hooking Mi Nam up with the boys:
final assault on Mi Nam castle!
Shin Woo knew Mi Nam is still saying no to him, so he changes tack and asks if she knew when he knew she was not a boy. when they first met at the intro party. the story of the clueless girl is about her. helping her, he fell in love. and the girl he wanted to introduce as his gf, is her.

so now its his turn to tell her not to go some place where he cannot see her.

but she asks him to let her go, and now Shin Woo has lost everything.

fab aquarium, pity about the squabbling couple
Tae Kyung is jealous about Shin Woo
Mi Nam just wants to get lost cos Tae Kyung dont like her around
still, he hands her info about her mom which he got from his mom
at least, Mi Nam got chance to tell Tae Kyung off for being a selfish brat and never consider her feelings while she has always considered his.
Tae Kyung isnt stupid, just selfish. so this affects him a lot.

Japan fan signing event
Mi Nam says bye bye to the boys of the band
Jeremy - fragile as glass? lol
Shin Woo - soft as cake, warm as coffee? pretty much correct there.
the real Mi Nam appears!
pig rabbit returns
pig rabbit posted on their website. she's ok! and with a ktv video (see what i mean with re-use concept?)

you know how the boys try and spot Mi Nam? just look for the girl who isnt screaming and following them around!

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