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Friday, September 30, 2011

kdrama - he's beautiful (rewatching 2nd time: ep 10)

Park's outfits in episode 10

impressions of episode 10

continuation from ep 9: although Mi Nam never answer, He Yi know the correct answer.

funny lime scenes
Tae Kyung: they're not for me
Shin Woo: they're good for colds
Jeremy: it's for a sick friend

the high fever scene.
she refuse to enter hospital, because she promised not to get caught. so he has to take care of her at home.

5am. and her fever is gone. poor Tae Kyung!

the 5 finger scene. 
she identify it as his palm. he said it is the number 5.

and now he accepts Mi Nam completely as part of the group! including taking responsibility if the secret is leaked out.

Shin Woo waited all that time while Tae Kyung was taking care of Mi Nam.

Manager Ma epic fail legendary story 
Trying to concoot a story for Mi Nam, as Bruce Lee or Indian prince or having a famous mystery mom.

shopping for girl's clothes!
to avoid hospital issue again, Tae Kyung goes shopping for girl clothes for Mi Nam

confession time.

Tae Kyung assumes Mi Nam has done something wrong again

He Yi fakes vomitting - ie preggy - to stop the confession, since the boys reaction will be favourable to Mi Nam

He Yi stops Mi Nam from confession, on the pretext that she needs to confess to everyone - hence, at the premiere of the MV

Tae Kyung takes her phone and finds he isnt No 1. it's her dad and he's a scary guy. Tae Kyung sends off SMS to her dad: "daddy, i'm pregnant"

Tae Kyung tells the rest nothing happened, that He Yi was unwell.

Mi Nam now changes her tune and makes apology for being sick yesterday

past history sequence
Mi Nam's aunt gossiping with her pals. 20 years ago, Tae Kyung's mom (of course, they dont know he is her child) at her peak took a long break, same time as when the twins were born.

Tae Kyung's mom playing the song Mi Nam's dad wrote for her - she feels he loved only her.

at the same time, Tae Kyung has to redo the song and it bugs him cos this song caused him to be abandoned by his mom.

he talks to pig rabbit about his situation! and wish Mi Nam was there to snap him out of his bad mood

stars and more stars
Mi Nam is out on the balcony, wondering why she cant see the stars. Tae Kyung comes up and tells her to turn off the lights. now she can see the stars but Tae Kyung cant see anything

they talk about the premiere tomorrow. she will go solo so that the spotlight wont be taken away from her by the boys

Mi Nam says the boys in the band are like stars, so far away.

a lot of see and cannot see analogy.

Tae Kyung wants Mi Nam to be always within his visual distance

Mi Nam wants Tae Kyung to pretend he cannot see her when she returns to being a girl. ie. go separate ways.

Tae Kyung, too proud to admit otherwise, agrees.

MV premiere
Mi Nam puts her confession plan in action as per agreement with He Yi

Tae Kyung finds the hairpin missing from the stuffed animal, and the girl clothes he bought her were gone too. so he puts 1+1 together.

at the darkened auditorium, Tae Kyung has to ask his buddies to help out. to look for a girl in an ivory coat and pink skirt! that's when jeremy finally finds out the truth!

he shouts, dont be in a place where i cant see you. that stuns her, cos she didnt expect he would be here.
the lights come on, but everyone is looking at Tae Kyung. before anyone recog the girl, Shin Woo has her covered.

Shin Woo: she's my gf!

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