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Friday, September 2, 2011

kdrama - Queen of Housewives

official website:

drama title:
내조의 여왕 / Queen of Housewives
oso known as My Wife Is A Superwoman

main cast:
Kim Nam Joo as Chun Ji Ae (lead actress)
Oh Ji Ho as Ohn Dal Soo (lead actor, Ji Ae's husband)
Lee Hye Young as Yang Bong Soon (Ji Ae's school pal)
Sun Woo Sun as Eun So Hyun (CEO's wife and Dal Soo's school junior)
Choi Chul Ho as Han Joon Hyuk (Ji Ae's ex-bf and Bong Soon's husband)
Yoon Sang Hyun as Heo Tae Joon (CEO)

i dont really know what to call it, maybe - this is karma? Ji Ae is the hottie, Bong Soon the nottie, and Bong Soon hung out with Ji Ae so as to be in on some of the action, but the price to pay is to be at her beck and call. Also, when they were young, Ji Ae got the guy Bong Soon wanted. Then after a big fight, they stopped being friends, Some things happened along the way: Bong Soon stole Joon Hyuk from Ji Ae. Ji Ae married Dal Soo.

time passed, and it turned out the guy Ji Ae married was a loser and jobless. he finally gets a job interview at this great company, and it turns out Joon Hyuk is a manager of the hiring department! So Bong Soon now gets the chance to pay Ji Ae back for all the past hurts. but of course, Joon Hyuk cannot forget his first love, and always sides Ji Ae. lol.

my score: 6 out of 10.
so you see, i dont give out 10s easily.

why you should watch it:
it's pretty long, and if you like seeing people getting their just desserts, go for it. but the drama kinda cops out with a whole set of incredible coincidences, such as the CEO wife having a school crush on Dal Soo, or the CEO liking Nam Joo's ajumma (Auntie) character, so the evil plans dont always work out the way they would in real life.

ok, watch it for Kim Nam Joo if you still love her after 8 years of inactivity and aging. or watch it for Yoon Sang Hyun who again, sings in the drama, even if he is a CEO!

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