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Monday, September 26, 2011

dorama - Freeter, Ie o Kau

official website:

drama title:
Freeter, Ie o Kau / フリーター、家を買う

main cast
Ninomiya Kazunari as Take Seiji
Karina as Chiba Manami (girl he likes)
Takenaka Naoto as Take Seiichi (his dad)
Asano Atsuko as Take Sumiko (his mom)
Igawa Haruka as Nagata Ayako (his elder sister)
Otomo Kohei as Oetsu Sadao (his boss)

ordinary guy just graduate from uni gets into average company. however, he left after 3 months cos he couldnt get used to the salaryman way of life. thereafter, he continue to fail at job interviews, as well as temp jobs.

due to his fallout with his dad, he has to work to pay for his living expenses at home, so he finally got a temp job that pays enough - in construction, doing menial hard labour.

the story is how he turns his life around and also about his mom's depression.

my score: 7 out of 10.
japanese moms get a lot of pressure, when their kids dont do well, especially sons, cos they are supposed to carry on the family name. so did the mom get depressed cos the son failed to get a job after leaving his 1st one, and continue to stay depressed cos his temp job is a construction worker?

why you should watch it:
ninomiya is the key. in general, everything he does is good to watch. he has an everyman look, even if he is a superstar with Arashi and in his own right as an actor, so his portrayal as a freeter is very realistic. well, he could do with a few more muscles towards the end, lol.

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