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Thursday, February 10, 2011

kdrama - he's beautiful (rewatching 2nd time: ep 8)

Park's outfits in episode 8

impressions of episode 8
  • here is where the mistaken assumption that Mi Nam loves Shin Woo first started. cos she sang with emotion on her love song, which implies it has something to do with Shin Woo, since she came back with him from her hometown. further confirmed by Tae Kyung when he sees Shin Woo hugging Mi Nam, who then runs off when she sees Tae Kyung approach.
  • invisible woman is not invisible - Jeremy is there when the other 2 arent.
  • awesome - aunt making money by stealing idol stuff and selling to the fans. and somehow, from that, it leads to the fans sharing about the idol's legendary stories, and ends with the shocking fact that today is the real birth date of Tae Kyung! confirmed by his dad calling him up, which makes him moody.
  • aunt raids idol's postal packages, and this time round, opened Tae Kyung's birthday present from his dad. Mi Nam found the birthday note and is puzzled.
  • Tae Kyung meets his mom, thinking she remember her son's birthday and invited him for a private dinner. turned out she didnt remember but just organised a reporter dinner for herself.
  • Mi Nam decides to give the autograph of Mo Hwa Ran to her fan, Tae Kyung, as a birthday present.
  • Mi Nam checks his birthday with Jeremy, and finds out Tae Kyung isnt coming home but working in at the office.
  • Mi Nam goes to find him, and accidentally overhears his convo with his mom and discover their relationship.
a little about Jeremy r/s with Mi Nam
he celebrates MN's first recording party
  • bike ride announcing to random ppl on the streets
  • since she is crying, he makes it legit for her to cry - 10 levels of spicy food.
  • after letting it all out, cool off with icecream
  • having fun in arcade - Jeremy shows of his drumming skills!
  • then a fun bike ride thru the streets at night
  • ending with a 1-hr magic bus ride - for Mi Nam to get over her feelings, and for Jeremy to let him love Mi Nam for a short while.
Jeremy never spoke of his love for Mi Nam, so he has the least luck among the 3 guys. cos he thought it was a gay thing for the longest time, so he lost out.

further development of the piggy-rabbit connection:
  • Manager Ma teaches her how to control her feelings, by doing a piggy nose, which is a deception that can only work on someone as innocent as Mi Nam.
  • she first uses it that very night when she shares room with Tae Kyung.
  • Tae Kyung is shocked when she did piggy nose before him, and gives her nickname of dwaeji-tokki (pig-rabbit) - as she is dangerous like a rabbit and also likes to poke fun at him for the pig incident at her hometown

Mi Nam-Shin Woo: story of a clumsy girl
  • Mi Nam enters women's toilet, causing all the girls to run out screaming
  • Mi Nam fully dressed and not able to look at the topless guys working out during practice session
  • Shin Woo saving Mi Nam from sauna session with the company president - he asks Mi Nam out to lunch.
  • Shin Woo trades with Mi Nam for the heavier load
  • Shin Woo lends her a shoulder to sleep on and covered her with a towel

the MV shoot is just a whole ton of fun!
Tae Kyung has to find out the name of Mi Nam's best friend
Tae Kyung has to save Mi Nam from a peeing contest
Mi Nam has the better lunch box than Tae Kyung (acting as a poor student)
Tae Kyung has visions of Mi Nam being a pharmacist's wife, after the best friend shared with him that he wants to marry her after his army stint and open a pharmacy.
raking leaves is awesome scene, esp when it ended with her evil dwaeji-tokki nose action.

MN best friend finally discovered the truth when he compared shoe size, but he didnt expose her to the reporter cos he likes her.

another fun clash of words between the hot couple
HY: you came in your car right? drive me home
TK: i came in the team van
HY: is that so? then you can drive my car.

HY: carry my handbag
TK smiles and walks off

HY: i want to eat spaghetti
TK drives her there, parks the car, then throws the keys to her and walks off.

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