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Thursday, February 10, 2011

kmovie - antique

movie title:
서양골동양과자점 앤티크 (Seo-yang-gol-dong-yang-gwa-ja-jeom Aen-ti-keu)
BETTER known as Antique

main cast:
Joo Ji Hoon as Kim Jin Hyeok (Tachibana)
Kim Jae Wook as Min Seon Woo (Ono)
Yoo Ah In as Yang Ki Beom (Eiji)
Choi Ji Ho as Nam Soo Yeong (Chikage)
Andy Gillet as Jean-Baptise Evan

complicated story about 4 handsome young men who work in Antique, a small cake shop, and over time their secrets become unravelled and their issues resolved:
  1. rich owner who dont like to eat cakes, is school mate of baker
  2. baker is gay and loves owner, but has been rejected in school and henceforth turned gay and also picked up fantastic baking skills in france
  3. cleaner is cake fanatic, and wants to learn to bake from baker
  4. owner's bodyguard is forced to be his waiter in the shop, although he is clumsy and shy.
my score: 7 out of 10.
how i derived that score. because this was a more accurate representation of Antique the manga. i had watched Antique the dorama, but the gay bits were toned down for mass audience. baker is just 'shy' with girls. duh. here, the representation is more true to the case. even if most of it were made into jokes. after all, this is supposed to be a rom-com of sorts.

why you should watch it:
  • Owner actor is the cutie prince in Princess Hours/Goong
  • baker actor is cutie baker of waffles in Coffee Prince
  • good storyline
  • fantastic cakes
  • if you have read/watched any Antique-related materials before.

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