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Monday, March 21, 2011

kdrama - he's beautiful (rewatching 2nd time: ep 9)

Park's outfits in episode 9

impressions of episode 9

episode 9 is my fave episode:
  • rudolph carol
  • the making of pig-rabbit
  • multiple 3-choose-1 situations
but first, a birthday celebration (of sorts)!
cute scene: she cannot do anything for her star. then she sees him run out of bottled water, and ran to get him a new bottle. followed by light bulb for the flickering light. at least Tae Kyung not that stupid. by then he figured out something wasnt quite right. so he decided to conduct a test. very hot coffee (to torture his unknown benefactor, typical Tae Kyung style) actually, he already knew who it could be. it was just a confirmation test.

the funniest bit was. she's improving! she knows how to bribe!

then she said happy birthday. she's way improving! she knows how to flatter!

from a stadium celebration.... to....

ROFL! a good korean birthday starts with seaweed soup!
then a birthday present
and some fun
perfect ending - a hug and a blessing

from the top, Shin Woo saw the hug and lost his cool!

3 choose 1 situation (idol cards)
this time, its the idol cards, and Shin Woo won cos his toon wore a bright smile. Jeremy came in 2nd. Tae Kyung is pissed off cos his card is the best seller and should be 1st by pig-rabbit. but he wont be upset. cos if he is he loses. but he is upset. haha

the lost hairpin
the first to notice Mi Nam moody is Shin Woo
and he volunteer to help him search after the party.
the evil He Yi puts on the hairpin to tease Mi Nam. since Mi Nam is a guy, he shouldnt want a hairpin and if he lost one, he can just buy another for his sis later on.
Shin Woo cant help Mi Nam cos the manager thinks Shin Woo and Mi Nam have a thing going on between them, so he takes Shin Woo out of the equation and ask Tae Kyung to help instead
He Yi go and tease Tae Kyung about the hairpin too. but unfortunately for her, she didnt know Tae Kyung bought it for Mi Nam! lol
so its not a cheap pin, its 100k won! so he took it back from He Yi to return to Mi Nam.
this makes He Yi even madder, cos he spent so much on a cheap pin for Mi Nam!
but when Tae Kyung ask Mi Nam about going to find her treasured item - ie hairpin, wanting to return it to her, she said she isnt going to look for it (she cant, its not missing, its stolen!) so he is now pissed about it too! cos he cant give it to her.

Mi Nam the red-nosed reindeer takes a shower but all is well

Operation Dweji-tokki
How it came about:
in the van on the way back, Shin Woo shared with the guys that Mi Nam is actually now more sad when he didnt want to look for the item. Jeremy say that's cos he knew he couldnt find it so he said that. Tae Kyung now know what happened. and the rest as we know it, is dwaeji-tokki history!

Tae Kyung cannot give it direct as Mi Nam didnt ask for it direct, so he has to give it to her indirectly. he complain to himself the headache that dwaeji-tokki is giving him. lol. which gave him the inspiration!

3 choose 1 situation (drinks)
After the surprise shower, Mi Nam caught a cold. is it gonna be water/Tae Kyung, hot tea/Shin Woo, or juice/Jeremy? lol lol lol
Shin Woo won! Jeremy 2nd again. Tae Kyung IS LAST!

3 choose 1 situation (colours)
Mi Nam's fave color.

for the idol photoshoot:
  • lime/green/girls like/Tae Kyung
  • flowers/white/pure/Mi Nam
  • dog/black/guys like/Shin Woo
  • banana/yellow/fun/Jeremy
Mi Nam's politically correct answer: like any other guy. likes black.
Tae Kyung catches her on her own. and asks her. she say white.
Tae Kyung say she is now cunning as well
He Yi, who caught the conversation on the sly, is now super mad cos she got serious GIRL competition!
now is He Yi turn to ask her which is her fave color/guy.
pls turn to next episode for the answer!

scenes between Mi Nam and the 2nd lead, Shin Woo. so here are the ones from episodes 7 to 9

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