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Sunday, March 20, 2011

movie - there's something about mary


movie title:
there's something about mary

main cast:
ben stiller as ted, all round good guy but hopeless nerd, who likes mary
cameron diaz as mary, all round gorgeous gal
matt dillon as healy, the private eye hired by ted to spy on mary
w. earl brown as warren, mary's brother, who is subnormal.

nerdy ted gets gorgeous mary to go to prom with him, but major personal disaster strikes him and it didnt happen. but 13 years on, he still can't forget about that girl.
he is still too nerdy to look for her himself, so he sends healy, a private eye, to check it out. turns out the investigator falls for her too, and lies to ted to get him out of the picture. healy then tries to con his way into mary's heart. meanwhile, ted found out from other ppl that healy lied about mary, so he finally decided to go look for her himself.

my score: 8 out of 10.
it's not a comedy for the kids. it's rated R for strong comic sexual content and language. but for adults, it's all good fun and quite a load of not so politically correct behaviour (cruelty to animals, homosexuals, or the subnormal)

why you should watch it:
it's all about mary. what? you mean you actually watch it for ben stiller or matt dillon? get your head on straight. oh, you're a girl? then ok, lor.

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