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Monday, April 25, 2011

movie - nanking


movie title:
NOT the rape of nanking (which is another nanking movie)

main cast:
john magee, george fitch, minnie vautrin, john rabe, bob wilson (the actors gave voice to these)

it's yet another story of the rape of nanking, which happened in 1937. it tells the overall story, but focussed on a small group of westerners who chose not to run, but stayed on and set up a sanctuary for those chinese without the means to run away. even so, horror descended on the chinese and scarred the westerners for life.

my score: 11 out of 10.
if there is just 1 film you watch of nanking, this should be it.

why you should watch it:
the actors who spoke to us from the words of the westerners left behind in letters and journals, the interviews with chinese survivors and japanese soldiers, the videos and photos of that era, puts you right smack into the situation then.

but it's sad that history repeats itself, isn't it?

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