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Thursday, April 28, 2011

movie - patriot games


movie title:
patriot games

main cast:
harrison ford as jack ryan
anne archer as cathy ryan (jack's wife)
thora birch as sally ryan (jack's daughter)
samuel l. jackson as robby jackson (jack's best friend)
sean miller as sean bean (jack's nemesis)

jack happens to be the accidental tourist that takes out an assassination squad from an extreme IRA group.

the aim of the group is to kidnap royals to exchange for political prisoners. however, after what jack did, sean is only motivated by personal revenge.

sean got busted out while being transported to prison, and he went after the ryan family, who are now back in the USA. he didnt succeed in killing, but he hurt ryan's family bad.

so now he's made jack mad, and he went back to the CIA so he could go after sean personally. even so, ryan missed wiping out the group, cos they were already on their next mission to kidnap the royals who are visiting ryan.

ryan and his good buddy robby foils their plans, the end.

my score: 8 out of 10.
harrison makes ryan human. although in the tom clancy novel, ryan was a lot younger (35 instead of 50) and the original actor was supposed to be alec baldwin.

why you should watch it:
special effects, harrison ford makes an excellent ryan, sean bean for his very focussed role. and darth vader in plain clothes! haha. i mean, james earl jones (as admiral james greer).

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