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Monday, May 2, 2011

movie - clear and present danger


movie title:
clear and present danger

main cast:
harrison ford as jack ryan
willem dafoe as john clark

Columbia drug lords vs the USA govt

1st salvo: drug lord escobedo kills american businessman cos he stole the money he was supposed to launder

2nd salvo: american was close friend of USA president. so he declares drug lords as a clear and present danger and authorises FBI to use black ops. john clark is the black ops leader. jack ryan is kept out of the loop cos he is seen as a non-player. john sends a light infantry team into Columbia to wreak destruction on the drug production chain.

3rd salvo: drug lord's advisor find out about the black ops and make a deal with FBI - black ops location in exchange for escobedo. that would make the advisor the new future drug lord

4th salvo: black ops is eliminated. john goes after FBI who puts the blame on jack. at the same time, jack finds out about the black ops and confronts FBI. he then goes to rescue the team and meets up with john, who initially wants to kill him. then he realise that he was betrayed by the FBI and then cooperates with jack to rescue what is left of the team.

my score: 7 out of 10.
it's good but it's not as good as Patriot Games in terms of the storyline. this is more like any other combat movie involving some elite team in action. but better, cos it's a jack ryan movie.

why you should watch it:
cool action of a black ops team, dirty politics, jack ryan and john clark. makes you wish they would make a movie for Rainbow Six (another Tom Clancy novel)

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