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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

dorama - Gold

official website:

drama title:

main cast
Amami Yuki as Saotome Yuri (tiger mom)
Nagasawa Masami as Nikura Rika (Yuri's PA)
Sorimachi Takashi as Hasumi Joji (Yuri's head coach)

Saotome family has a history of sports excellence. hence when her brother died in an accident, Yuri went full steam ahead to rear her children as potential Olympic gold medalists.

along the way, she built a company that promotes her 'tiger mom' principles, and trains her children as well as others

however, all that is just a show. there are many dark family secrets and they are revealed over time as events cause a change in Yuri's original plans.

my score: 7 out of 10.
interesting parent-child relationship studies are expoused by Yuri. however, the best part of it is the secrets and how they changed that perfect family concept. Rika, Yuri's PA, provides light relief. "Son.... na!" (pronounced as So... Nah) is her favourite phrase. it means "No way!" or "That can't be!"

why you should watch it:
the interrelationships of mother and children, the awesome acting skills of Amami, her interaction with her PA, Rika (mostly very funny) and if you still like Sorimachi (despite him having married Matsushima Nanako at their peak of their careers)

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