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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

movie - live free or die hard (die hard 4.0)


movie title:
live free or die hard (die hard 4.0)

main cast:
bruce willis as john mcclane
justin long as matt farrell (computer hacker)
timothy olyphant as thomas gabriel (his nemesis)
mary elizabeth winstead as lucy (john's daughter)

as usual, something horrible turns personal for john. frankly, i dont see the need for the personal aspect. just do it for the country!

this time round, terrorist is ex-FBI who wants revenge from the FBI after he was kicked out for telling them the nation's computer security sucks. so he goes and hack into the govt as well as send teams to take over locations that need onsite intervention, to create total chaos - a fire sale.

john was assigned to bring in a hacker, who turned out to have unintentionally sold code to the terrorists who now wants him dead. john saves his ass, and then goes after the bad guys.

my score: 6 out of 10.
jaded with the series. too much unbelievable action. car can hit helicopter? john can drop onto a advanced fighter jet? he escapes death from an exploding gas plant by taking cover in a van?

why you should watch it:
if only to see how much john's daughter has grown up? lol.

or if matt can be the new die hard franchise hero? nah. he dont have the action chops.

the only reason is cos willis is still john.

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